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band venting

Ok, so I'm not normally one of those "downer" kind of people but I'm getting frustrated with band! I wanted to take jazz band…

11 years ago
by saxgrobie (86 posts)

How do you get noticed by professionals?

I'm going into high school, and I was wondering how to get your name out as a sax player. I audition for stuff, and i'm lead…

11 years ago
by barimachine (323 posts)

cleavland alto

Hey, I have a a 1960s Cleavland alto sax, which I recieved from a friend, so I could play in my school band. I had to have th…

11 years ago
by saxjazza22 (13 posts)

I made a sax shirt

I like to make T-shirts and I made a sax shirt. Tell me what ya think. 4 replies by saxgrobie (86 posts) 12 years ago

12 years ago
by Spunky2sax75 (75 posts)

need a new tenor sax for a concert band

I'm going into high school this year and I need a good instrument so I don't have to worry about getting my only beat up so b…

12 years ago
by ts20 (2 posts)

Soprano playes in high school

my band director will not let me play soprano in marching band or even in concert band, do yall have this problem, he says"so…

12 years ago
by Saxman2200 (64 posts)

Straight versus Curved (Info PLEASE!!)

Which sax is better to get? I play a tenor sax and march in the marching band, so it can get very tiring to hold the sax up!…

12 years ago
by PIP (29 posts)

AMRO music

I live in Dyersburg,TN which is about 85 miles north of Memphis. Is there anyone else in the general area that is as fed up w…

12 years ago
by PIP (29 posts)

New and Nervous

Hi everybody! I'm new to this discussion forum, and relatively new to the sax. I played piano for mmany years, and only start…

12 years ago
by chiamac (586 posts)

College Auditions

I'm looking to enroll in Eastern Michigan University for music ed and I would appreciate any helpful hints on an audtion proc…

12 years ago
by wesmiller (55 posts)

$1,400 OBO New Tenor Sax

1.5yr.old DC Pro II Tenor Sax, no damage at all, 100% laquer-black nickel with gold keys, plays beautifully especially for ja…

12 years ago
by johnsonfromwisconsin (767 posts)

I'm worried....

I just bought a new Helmke Tenor Sax a few days ago for this upcoming marching season. It hasn't come in yet, but I have been…

12 years ago
by Tom-Sax (2 posts)

Rate my set up. :D

Yeeeh! I got a Selmer Series II yesterday for 2800 tax included. The guy took off 70 dollars because the company didn't put a…

12 years ago
by Spunky2sax75 (75 posts)

Doe's anyone know anything about helmke saxes

i'm new to playng the sax and my friends wants to sell me a black helmke tenor but i've never heard of that brand of sax befo…

12 years ago
by Keith Crandal (3 posts)


I've just aquired a La Monte tenor saxophone, I don't know anything about it exept that its 35 years old and it's pretty bang…

12 years ago
by Pancakes (2 posts)
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