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Henri TOMASI Concerto pour saxophone !! emergency help me :(

Hi I'm Aykut AYAR in Istanbul. I'm a student in conservatory. I need Henri Tomasi Saxophone Concerto notes. Do you ha…

3 years ago
by aykut

looking for durable and reasonably priced Tenor

I have a few nice horns and a 1949 Conn 10m tenor that i am in love with. However it is my Jazz horn, i cant (and won't) t…

3 years ago
by kelsey (876 posts)

Aquilla Tenor Sax

I played a nickle plated Conn tenor sax all through high school 1951-1955 in the HS band and also in a big band for dances…

3 years ago
by Tom Pearson

What Does your Jazz Band Play?

This year we are playing some cool song. Blue Cellophane Happy-Go-Lucky Local I Didn't Know About You (contest songs) Peanut…

3 years ago
by jazzcharts (1 post)

John Packer soprano saxophones

I am about to start lessons on soprano saxophone and have been looking at second hand saxes. I have found a John Packer, a…

3 years ago
by Saxquest (363 posts)

Cool/Unique sax effects

Any cool effects or licks that are really unique any of you guys enjoy to play, or heard on some recording and really liked?…

4 years ago
by saxhouse (1 post)

Conn 30M

Hi folks, I have just acquired a 1937 conn 30M which needs an overhaul. Any thoughts on the type of pads and resonators I sho…

4 years ago
by saxgourmet (123 posts)

GSA audition pieces?

Okay, so I have an audition for the governor's school for the arts in february and I need a piece that showcases my ability o…

4 years ago
by krestonsmith (12 posts)

Transposing C to E flat

I have alot of Piano music but dont know how to put it in the key of E flat.Can anyone help me with this? Thanx in advance

4 years ago
by Gor_don (1 post)

M5 or M6 mouthpiece for Alto sax?

need a jazz mouth piece for a jazz ensemble and was recommended either the m5 or m6...which is better?

4 years ago
by msf1994 (1 post)


im looking for audition peices my audition is Feb 24th does anyone know of a good etude ? here is what the site said Required…

4 years ago
by Allentara (1 post)

help with audition music (i suck)

Hi, I really want to join the jazz band for my school, but I don't quite understand the music that they gave us. here's the l…

4 years ago
by EVilla (3 posts)

Helmke tenor Sax

I own a Helmke tenor sax. My major question is, is the brand any good?

4 years ago
by TBone55 (5 posts)

Just Pulled The Trigger on an Evette-Schaeffer Alto

New member here. Daughter is in her second year of High School, and playing the alto in both marching- and symphonic band. Sh…

4 years ago
by Dragonwing (1 post)

Solo or ensemble contest for scholarship?

Do you know of any contests that offer scholarship money, money towards instruments, or a chance to be recognized? I live in…

5 years ago
by SaxyClarinet (1 post)

I need a good classical horn that can rip it up in jazz!

What are good horns that can be used for playing classical pieces with a great tone and has the capability to have a good jaz…

5 years ago
by LifeCrescendo (4 posts)

Cannonball Vintage or Yamaha Custom Z

Hi i am a senior saxophone player at my high school that is about to graduate and go to college and my dad is buying me a new…

5 years ago
by dgallego (27 posts)

Professional Tenors for under $3,000

I am a sophomore in high school and I have been playing saxophone for six years. I am currently using my school's old '52 Beu…

5 years ago
by dgallego (27 posts)

What sax should I buy?

I have been playing alto for 5 years, and will be a sophomore in September. I'd like a sax that works for both marching (we h…

5 years ago
by dgallego (27 posts)

Pro Alto!!!

I've been playing sax for 5 years now, (a freshman in high school) and i'm very serious about playing. I usually practice for…

5 years ago
by SaxMan88 (318 posts)

Saxophone Audition Thoughts?

I'm getting ready to audition for college on the alto saxophone and i have chosen "Gypsy Rondo" by Joseph Haydn. I'm just ask…

5 years ago
by SaxMan88 (318 posts)

How to hold a saxophone

I'm in 10th grade and in a dispute with my director... do you hold the saxophone between your legs or on the side? Any commen…

5 years ago
by joel amos (1 post)

YAS-62 Alto Saxophone - Vintage Purple Label

What do people know about this model? It's not new...about 15 years old. Is$1500 a decent offer for this sax which the person…

5 years ago
by buschy (1 post)

No one over 18 allowed!!!

this is a thread for anyone in high school, here you will get information from other kids instead of the more "logical" infor…

5 years ago
by Neco293 (3 posts)

HELP with chords and stuff? :/

I was wondering if someone could give me a link to a webpage that shows all major jazz chords. I've never learned how to read…

5 years ago
by KennyBee (4 posts)
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