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Help me identify my Gaurdala Sax!

I have had my Dave Guardala Alto Sax for about 12 years now. It Is a great horn and I have never even thought of replacing…

19 hours ago
by Gaurdala sax

WTS: Amati Blem ABS 64 Baritone Saxophone

We are Registered and Legitmate electronics company based in the United State,we are one of the leading company here in ou…

3 days ago
by djms20

Double chamber tenor sax mpc

I have a Henry Lindeman Tenor mpc and it plays great .Made by the Chicago Co.Double Chamber steel ebonite .

5 days ago
by Hector H Castillon

how to use multiple mouthpieces with one neck?

How can you use multiple mouthpieces with one neck, without making the cork shrink to the size of the smaller-bored mouthpiec…

3 weeks ago
by bbasow (1 post)

Is a 3.5 reed strength to stiff for me?

I found my sound bursting on 3s. Should I go stiffer or just learn to play softer. (I am in a middle school band)

3 weeks ago
by Saxquest (324 posts)

New reeds sound spity

Why do all my new reeds I start sound spitty

1 month ago
by sbn567

FOR TRADE: Grover Washington, Jr, Wireless Mic System used in his last 1999 World Tour

I'm considering parting with some very precious items. You can find the prices in the Free Trading section. They are in as ne…

2 months ago
by Uncle Zo (1 post)

Vintage Selmer Larry Teal

I just bought a Vintage Selmer Larry Teal off eBay and am having difficulty getting the sound I want. I was using a Selmer S8…

2 months ago
by saxoaltissimo (1 post)


I currently got a mouthpiece from a friend and it is a gold metal mouthpiece for tenor sax but it has absolutely no brand…

2 months ago
by Gi0_612


Help please!!!!!!!!!!! 
What is the Brightest, Jazziest and Most-Through mouthpiece metal or hard rubber mouthpi…

2 months ago
by dilandilan (7 posts)

Vandoren Optimum mouthpiece

I have been playing a tenor sax for about 4 years. I currently use an Optimum TL3. Would there be a benefit to using on Op…

2 months ago
by dilandilan (7 posts)


I just want some input on mouthpieces. I recently purchased a  Cannonball Big Bell Stone series " Raven " alto and I…

2 months ago
by Jeffreyto

New mouthpieces with personalized acoustics


I’m a french researcher working on the acoustics of musical instruments. I’m…

3 months ago
by pauline22

Sax mics

I just picked up an audix F90 clip on mic.  I didn't open it yet and before I do, I wanted to get some opinions on it…

3 months ago
by saxyrob

Toots Mondello Alto Mouthpiece

I am looking for info on a  mouthpiece that came with the ~1936  Buescher Aristocrat Alto I recently bought. &nb…

3 months ago
by Saxquest (324 posts)

YTS 62 Purple Logo

Hi all
looking to find out the general opinions re. The Purple Logo YTS 62 as a comparison with the std YTS 62.

3 months ago
by cycles (42 posts)

Merano Sax

Can you please tell me if these are a good sax? Where are they made? I need to buy one for a teenager for school and I don't…

5 months ago
by jazzin710 (1 post)
5 months ago
by saxgourmet (112 posts)

Caravan mouthpiece

I Do have A tenor sax Caravan mouthpiece on E- Bay. Ends Tomorrow. Terry T

5 months ago
by TAW5036

Caravan mouthpiece?

im new here, and I was wondering if anybody has a Caravan tenor sax mouthpiece out there that they're willing to…

6 months ago
by snollygoster29

Bari Sax Case

Have a Selmer low A bari that is not a Selmer Paris.  There is no engraving and is simply just Selmer stamped on the…

6 months ago
by GaryTipps

Antigua vs Kessler soprano sax

I am an alto player with a vintage Selmer Mark VI Paris that i am totally in love with. Looking to buy a soprano without b…

6 months ago
by GFC (359 posts)

Store in L.A

Hi, Im going to Los Angeles next week, I can't a find a store for shopping some accesories for my saxophones, like reeds,…

7 months ago
by stepmontalvo

microphones for a saxophone

so, im in the market for microphone for my saxophones. not knowing much about microphones, im wondering if anyone could po…

8 months ago
by kelsey (817 posts)

Question About Bundy Sax - Is It a Kielwerth?


I hope this post finds everyone well.

I just picked up a vintage Bundy sax and am hoping…

9 months ago
by musicgirl (1 post)
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