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P Mauriat Warbling sound

I just purchased a P Mauriat A

8 years ago
by CountSpatula (602 posts)


Hi, right now I am playing on

8 years ago
by kelsey (851 posts)

Tenor Jazz Mouthpieces!!!!

Ok, I have one dilemma. I have

8 years ago
by ilovesupersessions (1 post)

Dying Reeds

Hey SaxQuestees! I've got a s

8 years ago
by newreedsyndrome (343 posts)

Necks and intonation

I could use a little advice on

8 years ago
by syrasax (75 posts)

Otto link & Otto Link

What difference do you know be

8 years ago
by Saxall (17 posts)

Jazz Mouthpiece for Tenor??

Hi! i've been playing my alto

8 years ago
by senior (23 posts)

Otto Link Tenor mouthpiece

Hi everybody! Could anyone tel

8 years ago
by blackfrancis (396 posts)

What neck can give a warm tone

For the last couple of years I

8 years ago
by saxplaya81 (110 posts)

Ultimale LS Tenor Sax Ligature

I have a copy of the Francois

8 years ago
by jamterry (573 posts)

What kind of Alto MP?

Just a quick Poll What kind o

8 years ago
by sax_maniac (984 posts)

*new mpc question

im a jazz player and I need to

8 years ago
by sax_maniac (984 posts)

Soprano: Meyer 6 & BG Standard

I play a cheap knock off of a

8 years ago
by MarkLavelle (300 posts)

Rico Reserve Alto Sax Reeds

Rico Reserve alto sax reeds ar

8 years ago
by CountSpatula (602 posts)

Rico Sax Strap

I recently bought a Rico Sax S

8 years ago
by cuber (653 posts)

Tenney slant Vs. Tenney HR

Has anyone tried the two main

8 years ago
by Tranesyadaddy (279 posts)

Equipment for an R&B, Rock n'

I've been trying to figure out

8 years ago
by nbaguy1 (11 posts)

Alto Sax from Ebay

I have been renting an alto sa

8 years ago
by Donnie The B (282 posts)

yamaha soprano

what is the difference between

8 years ago
by makblv (1 post)

Which Mouthpiece with which Sa

Hi - I have been playing sax f

8 years ago
by newreedsyndrome (343 posts)

Reed Question

If I play a Otto Link 6 metal

8 years ago
by BVP123 (9 posts)

Tenor Saxophone Cases

Hello everyone I have a questi

8 years ago
by saxismyaxe (574 posts)

Clip-on sax microphones

I'm planning on purchasing a c

8 years ago
by The Insomniac Saxman (141 posts)

Plastic vs. Metal Resonator pa

Just wondering which one every

8 years ago
by mrmeyer00 (11 posts)

Kessler Alto Mouthpieces

I think I remember seeing a di

8 years ago
by newdexter (1 post)
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