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7 months ago
by saxgourmet (113 posts)

Caravan mouthpiece

I Do have A tenor sax Caravan mouthpiece on E- Bay. Ends Tomorrow. Terry T

8 months ago
by TAW5036

Caravan mouthpiece?

im new here, and I was wondering if anybody has a Caravan tenor sax mouthpiece out there that they're willing to…

8 months ago
by snollygoster29

Bari Sax Case

Have a Selmer low A bari that is not a Selmer Paris.  There is no engraving and is simply just Selmer stamped on the…

8 months ago
by GaryTipps

Antigua vs Kessler soprano sax

I am an alto player with a vintage Selmer Mark VI Paris that i am totally in love with. Looking to buy a soprano without b…

9 months ago
by GFC (390 posts)

Store in L.A

Hi, Im going to Los Angeles next week, I can't a find a store for shopping some accesories for my saxophones, like reeds,…

10 months ago
by stepmontalvo

microphones for a saxophone

so, im in the market for microphone for my saxophones. not knowing much about microphones, im wondering if anyone could po…

10 months ago
by kelsey (830 posts)

Question About Bundy Sax - Is It a Kielwerth?


I hope this post finds everyone well.

I just picked up a vintage Bundy sax and am hoping…

11 months ago
by musicgirl (1 post)

Bob Dukoff

I bought a used sax for my son and there was a Bob Dukoff mouth peice in the case. I looked on a museum web page and it sa…

12 months ago
by bighilbili

Buying The Best Brand of an Alto Saxophone?

Hey there my fellow saxophonists, my name is Sara, Im 13 years old and have been playing the saxophone for almost a year.…

12 months ago
by saxgourmet (113 posts)

Pro's choice of Mouthpiece & Reed

Ok . . . How can I find out what mouthpiece & reed was used by Clarence Clemons , Wayne Shorter , Dave Sanborn & o…

12 months ago
by Haanzig (13 posts)

Berg vs. Lakey mouthpieces: any solutions for bari sax?

Greetings! I recently switched from a Berg Larsen 115/3 M steel tenor mp to a Claude Lakey 8*3. I absolutely LOVE the Lake…

1 year ago
by goldenskyhook

What Alto Sax to buy?

Hey Everyone, 

I am looking to start playing the saxophone and I though I might invest into a good student…

1 year ago
by kelsey (830 posts)

Reed for my Vandoren V16 T9?

Ok, so I recently purchased a vandoren V16 T9 mouthpiece with a Francois Louis ligature (I hope I spelled that right). I p…

1 year ago
by Dr G (2 posts)

Conn Eagle Mouthpiece

I recently purchased two for my Conn Soprano (1924) over the internet. I got them because I want to hear what the saxophone w…

1 year ago
by aarondminnick (1 post)

Cannonball Alto Sax Mouthpiece

So I've been playing my Cannonball Alto Sax for a while now and I was thinking of changing my mouthpiece to one with a mor…

1 year ago
by RyanCannonball (36 posts)

Unlaquered Cannonball tenor currently on eBay

I've been looking for a cannonball tenor for a while for a decent price. I recently found this horn on eBay and I have a f…

1 year ago
by RyanCannonball (36 posts)

1976 Bundy tenor replacement case

I recently purchased a Protec Max rectangular case for a 1976 Bundy but the horn doesn't fit [the problem isn't the bell s…

1 year ago
by joe7red


Ok so im looking to buy a new hard rubber jazz mouthpiece for my soprano and am wondering which is better: a bari or an ot…

1 year ago
by Saxquest (331 posts)

Selmer Super Action

Selmer Super Action 80?

I'm looking to get one of these (I, II or III) for aroun…

1 year ago
by Jamrightthen (4 posts)

tenor sax mpc recommendations sought...


Realizing that whatever I chose will need tech refinishing, WWBW will permit four mpcs at a time--please…

1 year ago
by kelsey (830 posts)

Synthetic for Marching Band

I am Sophmore in Highschool and i usually play on a synthetic fibereed size 3.5. I have been playing with this reed for ab…

1 year ago
by sasax36 (8 posts)

Difference between Selmer Bundy and Selmer Bundy II?

Just wondering if there is a difference of if they are the same. There is someone selling one in our town used and he said it…

1 year ago
by Harrold (6 posts)

Mouthpiece Advice Needed

Years back, I received a Mark VI tenor as a gift. The previous owner left a small collection of mouthpieces. I've played t…

2 years ago
by GFC (390 posts)

Selmer Metal Jazz Mouthpiece

Hello everyone i had a couple questions as to how a Selmer 6* metal jazz mouthpiece sounds. Is it very bright? Dark? And w…

2 years ago
by kelsey (830 posts)
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