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Mystery Vintage Mouthpiece

Several years ago I bought a King Zephyr Tenor Saxophone from a local high school student who was looking into just getting r…

12 years ago
by sax_maniac (984 posts)

Good classical setup

Hey guys, I am wanting to know what are the best mouth pieces and reeds for classical style of music. Currently i play on Tra…

12 years ago
by Tully (49 posts)

hemke reeds

Are these good for jazz? How do they compare to alexander reeds and vandorens?

12 years ago
by elmodo (1 post)

Places to try out mpc's NYC and points north?

I need to try out some mpc's but the stock is paltry in your average music shop. Can anyone recommend some places in NYC or f…

12 years ago
by Saxdragon (22 posts)

Otto Link Tone Edge

I have posted several dissussions about a mouthpiece for my King Zephyr Special Tonor Saxophone. Most of the responses that c…

12 years ago
by quotarie (4 posts)
12 years ago
by metallicaorion83 (4 posts)

Vintage Mouthpieces vs. New Re-issues

I am looking into some new mouthpieces and want some opinions. I have noticed mouthpieces like the New York Meyer and the S…

12 years ago
by Jonathan_sfyee (15 posts)

Yamaha vs Yanagisawa

Just wanted your feedback on which of the following alto's would you go for and why. Yamaha YAS-62 vs Yanagisawa A-991 Yama…

12 years ago
by yanytenor (12 posts)

Mouthpeice For 9th grade bari Player

Hello, I'm a 9th grade student and i was wanting to know some good mouthpeices that i could get that would help my tone and…

12 years ago
by barimachine (323 posts)

Vintage Selmer Metal D MPC

I have a Vintage Selmer Metal D MPC and I have searched many sites for info on it...nothing. I know that selmer makes a moder…

12 years ago
by tfarr (1 post)

old Dukoff Mouthpiece

Hello. I'm new to the forum (and relatively new to the sax, actually a clarinet player, but still a nice guy) and have a ques…

12 years ago
by wvujazzman (48 posts)

Tenor Sax equipment that will help me get a smooth mellow sound??

HI, sorry to post twice in a row but, i have one more question i would like to ask. I am just starting to play on a worship t…

12 years ago
by sax_maniac (984 posts)

V5 or C*?

I need some advice on buying a well-to-do mouthpiece. The two best possibilities are the Selmer C* and the Vandoren V5. I'm b…

12 years ago
by johnsonfromwisconsin (767 posts)


Does the color of the sax i.e black, silver, matte change the tone at all?

12 years ago
by chiamac (586 posts)

Looking for new mouthpiece

I am getting a Cannonball Big Bell alto. I currently use a Berg Larsen hard rubber 100/1/M. I like the sound on my current se…

12 years ago
by phathorn (165 posts)

Info on the Yamaha 82Z Tenor

Hey guys, i'm wondreing if anyone has played an unlaqured 82Z and could tell me about them? I'm wondering what they sound lik…

12 years ago
by dlunsf (1 post)

mouthpieces for a Mark VI....

I have a mark vi......I am wondering if anyone plays on a guardala or barone.... and your opinions about it?...I need to upgr…

12 years ago
by Lotus54 (32 posts)



12 years ago
by Lotus54 (32 posts)

Mouthpiece Issues

I have been using a Dukoff D8 tenor mouthpiece for years. I started using it because that's what was sitting on the shelf in…

12 years ago
by Zheng (23 posts)

v16 metal vs jody jazz classical hr

im looking of a mp that is loud and bright but also can play dark and soft. i been told these 2 are very good. whitch should…

12 years ago
by dirk-lo (11 posts)

Reed Question

Quite frankly I didn't get any responses in the General Discussion with this query so I'll try it here. I'd really like more…

12 years ago
by syrasax (75 posts)

Which Pads and resonators?

I have a 67 MarkVI that has never been repadded. I'm wondering what the best pad and resonator for the horn and myself is. I…

12 years ago
by connsaxman_jim (2336 posts)

Bari mouthpiece trouble!!!

Hey guys so here's my question, I've been using a Vandoren Java mouthpiece on my Yamaha YTS-62SE. And it sounds pretty good b…

12 years ago
by Bariboy (18 posts)

Berg Larsen Tenor MPCs

Can I get some advice on several questions/ First, there are a few Bergs on ebay right now, all with different openings. One…

12 years ago
by Paduano (16 posts)

Vandoren V-16 metal Tenor or Metal Rovner Eagle Mouthpiece

Can anyone give me the rundown on these two Metals for Tenor. I found that both get good writeups, but I don't know any more.…

12 years ago
by mrd (137 posts)
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