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Otto link super tone master for alto

what experiences have people had with the otto link super tone master for alto sax? other metal alto pieces?

10 years ago
by connsaxman_jim (2336 posts)

Mouthpiece Compatibility?

I play an earlier MK VI bari, and untill recently have been using a Rico Royal B7 graffite mouthpiece. I just got a Berg Lars…

10 years ago
by phathorn (165 posts)

Selmer Soloists

I'm starting to think that Selmer Soloists are the way to go for me and my YTS62II. I've researched them, and I get all these…

10 years ago
by altosax (19 posts)

Keilwerth Tenor Saxes

Hey what does everyone think of Keilwerth tenor and bari saxes. I have been playing a couf superba 1 bari for two years now a…

10 years ago
by bariguy (25 posts)

What's the diferance between Ponzol II V I and ML (tenor)

I'm looking for new mpc. I play Selmer III with Link8* But for twenty years before played MVI with dukof 8 Dukof is too brig…

10 years ago
by tenortunes (6 posts)

Just had a rather interesting experience with a yamaha 62

I am in english class right now, so if the post just abruptly stops, the teahcer came and im in trouble and I will finish the…

10 years ago
by Face (11 posts)

peter pozol

wats better to get for my yam 475, a peter ponzol custom or a silver yamaha g1?

10 years ago
by saxman0317 (53 posts)

Cases: SKB vs Gator?

I'm looking for a hard case for my recently aquired Martin Indiana tenor (great Ebay buy, but the case is in poor shape). Doe…

10 years ago
by Sno_brdr (4 posts)

gary sugal mouthpiece problem

i just bought a sugal nick brignola mouthpiece off of ebay and the damn thing was completely cut crooked the tip was bigger o…

10 years ago
by definition (963 posts)

Martin mouthpiece info?

I picked up a Martin Indiana tenor off Ebay recently, and it came with a mouthpiece that just says "Martin" on it. No numbers…

10 years ago
by Sno_brdr (4 posts)

metal or rubber?

pros and cons of rubber and metal mouthpices

10 years ago
by chiamac (586 posts)

Jazz Mouthpiece

I was thinking about buying a new Claude Lakey 5*3 hard rubber model for Jazz on my alto. Could any of you that have used thi…

10 years ago
by BleedingGumsMurphy (6 posts)

New Neck

I currently have a semi new Yam 475 that i like a lot. i getting ready to try out for our area high school all region band an…

10 years ago
by Spike (248 posts)

P. Mauriat Saxophones

Hey has anyone heard of these saxes?-----im looking into purchasing one but I dont know enough about the horn tho! thanx, -j…

10 years ago
by jazzfool132 (144 posts)

Alexander reeds

Which one is better for classical, Superials or Classiques. I've grown to hate Vandoren blue boxes, and it's now time for cha…

10 years ago
by tenor562 (297 posts)

Rovner tsax mpcs

Anyone tried the Wilkerson tenor? if so, is it the trad or contemporary?

10 years ago
by Curt G. (8 posts)

anyone have it?

i have just recently played on a vintage metal Selmer D mouthpiece for the tenor sax. i just loved it. it played beautifully…

10 years ago
by Curt G. (8 posts)

set up

hey im a freshman playing alto sax at my high school. i need some advice on finding the right mouthpiece, ligature, ect. i w…

10 years ago
by peter090 (155 posts)

metal legit pieces tenor

what are some good metal tenor pieces for tenor in concert band? just wondering what's out there. Selmer Classic? What else i…

10 years ago
by johnsonfromwisconsin (767 posts)

refacing mouthpieces

i have tons and tons of mouthpiece blanks for tenor and for alto. i am interested in learning how to reface and alter mouthpi…

10 years ago
by SaxMan (559 posts)

5 cent sax mute

A ring of bubble wrap.

10 years ago
by SaxMan (559 posts)

Vintage Meyer 6m compared to new Meyer 6m

Whats your opion and comparison between the vintage meyer 6m to the new meyer 6m.

10 years ago
by Goldref18 (145 posts)

Reed Strengths

I currently use 2 1/2s. I've had a recommendation to switch up to 3s or 3 1/2s because I do "pinch" a lot. But with a harder…

10 years ago
by mrsaxmanut (2 posts)

Reeds and ligs

What size of reed works best for you? I work best with 3.5's but that's just my preference. And what material do you think is…

10 years ago
by FutureBandTeacher (45 posts)

Guy Hawkins mpcs

Are these any good? Paticularly the metal tenor ones? How would those of you who have played them compare them to other mpcs…

10 years ago
by sax_maniac (984 posts)
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