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Reface price increase

I have just gotten off the phone with my: Teacher/Partner/Colleague - Ken Tubbs. He has informed me that it is time to rai…

9 years ago
by Adam Niewood (1 post)

Quick reed question.

What strength/brand of reed would work well with a 6* Otto Link New York metal mouthpiece for Tenor sax? Thanks.

9 years ago
by connsaxman_jim (2336 posts)

Cannonball Horns

Hey, Just wondering how everybody feels about Cannonball saxophones. I have been thinking of selling my Balanced Action A…

9 years ago
by TANGO SIX ONE (255 posts)

sax mouthpiece manufacture

Hi, have you any info or links on plastic/ebonite mouthpiece manufacturing processes, injection moulding, etc. Also, which…

9 years ago
by Joe90 (2 posts)

Dukoff D7 tenor mouthpiece

Im looking to buy a metal mouth piece and was wondering if the dukoff d7 is any good

9 years ago
by Dave Dix (421 posts)


Why do you want effects on your sax? Just a question. If you have a PHAT sounding horn, why mess with it? Other than alittle…

9 years ago
by martysax (148 posts)

Need helpful Opinions on a Tenor Sax...

Hey....I am a college sax player and I currently own a selmer series three alto. I am looking to buy a tenor sax. I have hear…

9 years ago
by turner47 (1 post)

Bari Sax Mouth Peice Facings?

I am confused! i am looking for a new mpc for jazz band and i want a metal or a rubber. I play on a yamaha 5c right now and w…

9 years ago
by metallicaorion83 (4 posts)

What's the difference between Super Action 80 SERIES I AND SERIES II

I've not played either but can anyone clarify the differences between the two series.. Fingering/sound/age/etc.. Thanks again…

9 years ago
by SaxMan88 (318 posts)


I have heard these are the premier tenors for sound, key action, besides the appearance. Can anyone please give me the run do…

9 years ago
by Bluehorn (2 posts)

Need a good bari mouthpiece

Hello, I have a mouthpiece inquiry. I have a Selmer (america) bari sax that isn't quite running up to specs right now but for…

9 years ago
by connsaxman_jim (2336 posts)

yamaha Z or series iii

yo- if you had to choose between an unlacquered yamaha custom Z tenor and a selmer series II or III, which would you choose a…

9 years ago
by connsaxman_jim (2336 posts)

Mouthpiece website 2

I have heard that there is a website that you can be sent mouthpieces and send them back keeping the one you like. Somebody s…

9 years ago
by Tully (49 posts)

I've found the perfect alto mouthpiece!

My search for the perfect alto mouthpiece is over! I bought an Otto Link Tone Edge hard rubber piece and it sounds amazing! I…

9 years ago
by someguy (80 posts)

Any Feedback on The UNISON Sax from Hollywood

I don't expect this to be a Yamaha, but has anyone had some experience with this Tenor Sax.

9 years ago
by mrd (137 posts)

Mouthpiece web site

I have heard that there is a web site that will send you mouthpieces to try and that you can mail them back. Does anyone know…

9 years ago
by Augman (29 posts)


I have played saxophone for almost 8 years now. I have owned over 4 La Voz plastic ReedGards. They have all either broken or…

9 years ago
by FreeBlowing-JazzSaxGuy (3 posts)

Old Sax and Mouthpiece

I went in my closet and saw a old sax that was given to me about 3 yrs ago. It is a Werlitzer American. On the bell it says T…

9 years ago
by saxismyaxe (574 posts)

Claude Lakey Mouthpiece for Jazz?

I'm loooking to get a new sound out of my Yamaha Pro sax, and I was wondering if a Claude Lakey hard rubber tenor mouthpiece…

9 years ago
by definition (963 posts)

Mouthpiece for Yanagisawa T-990

I just picked up a beautifull, used Yagagisawa tenor, 990 and am wondering which would be the best overall mouthpiece, for a…

9 years ago
by Birdman (9 posts)

bari mpc question

has anyone tried the hite bari mpc, and if u have, how is it? also, what are some all around good bari mpcs around $120? tha…

9 years ago
by barisaxiguy (50 posts)

Guardala Replacement

I play on a guardala super king with a vandoren V16 2 1/2, I love the way it feels and how big the tip opening is, but i am…

9 years ago
by phathorn (165 posts)

filing reeds for the first time

I was having trouble with my new Dukoff mouthpiece, so I took it to my teacher and he said my Rico Jazz Selects were too thic…

9 years ago
by connsaxman_jim (2336 posts)

Bari sax stand - recommendations?

I need something that works well with a Low A yani.

9 years ago
by connsaxman_jim (2336 posts)

bigband smooth sound

i am looking to reproduce the sweet smooth sound that was popular during the twenties, and is still common among classical pl…

9 years ago
by saxman0317 (53 posts)
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