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Eric from Hampshire, UK

Hello every one. I have an Alto, a Tenor and a Con Melody C. All in good working order.
I now am setting about learni…

15 hours ago
by GFC (331 posts)


Hello, my name is Alex Perez and I am an alto saxophonist in high school. I'm in 9th grade, and began playing in 7th. I ha…

7 days ago
by Saxquest (296 posts)

New to the Sax and Horns in general

Hello Everyone,

I have been playing semi-pro as a singer and acoustic guitarist, but have just recently picked…

2 weeks ago
by casbonano

Hi from Brisbane Australia

Hello.. I wish to introduce myself from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. I am a retired former employee of a major airline…

3 weeks ago
by roggers

Hello from Lagos

Hi guys, am Karim and playing alto sax when ever I can. I am french and work in Nigeria since 2003. I can accomodate my jo…

4 weeks ago
by Belkatel

Two months in!

Hi from Canada
I am new to music altogether, and I am enjoying learning the saxophone.  This site has already ta…

1 month ago
by drjamieson

Vintage Bari Sax

Hi I'm new to I've been playing sax for about 20 years tenor mostly. I started playing Bari sax about three…

1 month ago
by mzaffino

Boa tarde!!! Estou aprendendo a tocar.

Meu Carlos, sou brasileiro e estou iniciando no saxophone tenor.
Gostei muito do site.

"Good afte…

1 month ago
by kelsey (784 posts)

Hello from St Charles,MO

Hi I'm Ron. I've been playing Tenor Sax for ten years. Any advice on memorizing Bebop tunes?

2 months ago
by cnup2020 (2 posts)

Hello from Austin, Texas!

I am a professional sax player in Austin. I also have a series of apps that teach jazz improv. You can search "iImprov" in…

2 months ago
by tonybray

My sax alto is a Buecher Low Pitch 25084

Hi dear friends. I'm a brasilian amador musician and I have a sax alto Buecher Low Pitch 25084 and I would like to know so…

2 months ago
by GFC (331 posts)


Hi all. I've been messing around with sax for at least 30 years, but am  self taught so progress is not steady. I jus…

2 months ago
by GFC (331 posts)

New to the site and need some assistance with a Selmer


I have a Selmer Saxaphone that my father had and cherished. The Saxaphone was passed on to my mother when m…

3 months ago
by fchiro86 (2 posts)

martin tenor sax holton alto

martin tenor sax, holton alto


My grandfather gave me a martin tenor sax and an alto frank holton sax, …

3 months ago
by fchiro86 (2 posts)

New to site with Conn question

Hi there,

I just joined your site. I used to play 30+ years ago. I have a Conn (I believe Chuberry) that has be…

3 months ago
by GFC (331 posts)

Buffet Crampton Super Dynaction Saxophone Serial # 5315

This saxaphone is in excellent condition and I am curious as to the possible value of this instrument. All keys have been…

3 months ago
by GFC (331 posts)

I'm as green as they come...

Hey everybody and thanks for reading my post.

Its great to be here. I just picked up my first Alto sax. Was holdin…

3 months ago
by GFC (331 posts)

Absolute beginner: two questions

Which reed thickness should I start?
Which book would be helpful to learn?
(No local teachers. Could do skype le…

3 months ago
by rjohns10 (2 posts)


hello my name is Robert cotton I have played saxophone for 14 years. I currently live in Alabama. I'm 27 years of age and…

3 months ago
by rcotton

New to Forum

Hi my name is Emma . I manage a Pawn Shop in Macon Georgia that specializes in musical insturments. We have a store full o…

3 months ago
by Saxquest (296 posts)

Boeing Altosaxboy

Hello I'm Boeing from Thailand, I play alto saxophone.
This is my first saxophone video, hope you like it :)

4 months ago
by kelsey (784 posts)

New Tenor Sax Player

Hey guys, just thought I'd say hello as I'm new on here.
If you'd like you can check out my saxophone work on my yout…

4 months ago
by shoz95 (3 posts)

Hello I'm new

I decided about a month ago to learn to play the sax.  When I was in elementary school I wanted to play sax and the m…

4 months ago
by PhillipS. (4 posts)

Fresh On

Hey guys, I'm Phillip, but people just call me Phil. I've been playing the saxophone for 6 years and I learn everyday abou…

4 months ago
by PhillipS.

matin tenor sax holton alto


My grandfather gave me a matin tenor sax and an alto frank holton sax,  fourty years ago to play in sc…

4 months ago
by tirambaby77 (7 posts)
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