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chris elliot necks

has anyone tried these necks on tenor?

6 years ago
by basiliko (21 posts)

Vintage sax question/information.

I have a an old saxophone that I would like to gain some information about. I do not know anything about saxophones. This one…

6 years ago
by akr (1 post)

New memeber

A long long time ago I had a sax instructor that at one time played in John Phillip Sousa's band. This I can believe as he wa…

6 years ago
by KX (1 post)

mouthpiece Set ups

I have a tenor and alto yamaha custom For my Alto I was given a meyer 5 moutpiece I was wondering what ligature and reed to u…

6 years ago
by kelsey (834 posts)

Apparent leak despite repeated repairs

I have a nice 97000 Mark VI tenor.I bought it used about 25 years ago.I have had it padded and adjusted several times since t…

6 years ago
by kelsey (834 posts)


Just to say hi and hope to get some info on a sax i picked up at an estate sale. From missouri here. Thanks.

6 years ago
by Selmeralto (1 post)


I'm a long time reader and a first time writer on these forums, but now I need some help. I work in the instrument repair sho…

6 years ago
by saxoph1dan (1 post)


Hai my name is Chan from jakarta,indonesia. nice to meet you all..

6 years ago
by Chandra Wong (1 post)

New Member

I'm Larry, in Texas. Kids are playing and it's time I got back into it. Looking for a killer horn...

6 years ago
by Bear (1 post)

E sharp position

I have some sheet music that shows one note as being an E sharp.. I don't remember what position that is on the Alto Sax. I d…

6 years ago
by newreedsyndrome (343 posts)

Hi from a new member.

Hi, I'm 36 from the U.K and have been playing alto for just under 4 months. I currently play in the training band of my town…

6 years ago
by saxxsymbol (217 posts)

conn tenor saxophone

Hi Everyone, I am fairly new at this, but I would like to get info. on Conn tenor sax with the serial number patd dec8 1914 1…

6 years ago
by greeneyes (3 posts)

new to the sax world

Hi I am a Mom of a thriving 13yr old boy who has been playing sax for 2 years and is nowhaving a blast with his sax am lookin…

6 years ago
by cuber (653 posts)

cj conn ltd vintage saxaphone value

My boyriend left me with a saxaphone my father had given him...I am looking to find a ballpark range of what it is worth. It…

6 years ago
by lala (1 post)

New to Saxquest

Hello Everyone! I’m new to Saxquest, but have had a love for the saxophone for as long as I can remember. My father was a p…

6 years ago
by jljthree (1 post)


Hello all! As an official "noob" I wanted to introduce myself. I am an official "old fart" having been born one year after th…

6 years ago
by saxnut1955 (1 post)

L. S. Dro-Tokin Tupper

hey SQ: I'm an alto sax player/ producer from Chicago. I started playing clarinet and took up the drums around eight, could…

6 years ago
by chalazon (547 posts)

New Member

Just wanted to say 'hello' to all the sax players here.

6 years ago
by SmOoVenSaXy (1 post)

silver melody master sax

Hi I am a 44 yr old mom who is wanting to play a sax. I have been playing on a USA school also sax. I know of a silver melody…

6 years ago
by (1 post)

Need advice

Hi, I'm Melanie and I'm interested in purchasing an alto sax for my daughter who has only been playing for a few months. She…

6 years ago
by plittles4 (2 posts)


hello, i've been playing alto sax for just a year now. i'm 54, call myself "the blues machine", been playing guitar, harp and…

6 years ago
by thebluesmachine (1 post)

what do you think is the best tenor sax

some body what is the answere for that

6 years ago
by FRED SAMPLEY (2 posts)


hello,does anyone have the sheet music for equinox for a b flat tenor sax????thank you for your time jazzmanvt

6 years ago
by jazzmanvt (4 posts)

Hello New Here, Intro

I want to say hello to everyone. I have been mainly an alto sax player for 30 years, and picked up the soprano 2 years ago. I…

6 years ago
by chalazon (547 posts)

Frank Holton B flat Soprano Saxophone

I have a Frank Holton B flat Soprano Saxophone, SN 29553 LP in excellent condition I bought in 1978. Does anyone have an idea…

6 years ago
by wbowhunt (1 post)
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