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Conn alto M 148000 alto silver sax

Hi, I have a Conn alto silver plated sax with tunable neck, model M148xxx. I purchased the horn about 1950. I'm trying to ins…

7 years ago
by cass_bof (1 post)

Hello all I was a founder member of the original Palm Court Jazz (the inventor of that name too), and I still have the part…

7 years ago
by othernews (6 posts)

Need help identifying Ambassador Tenor Sax

Hello, I Have just purchased a Tenor Sax that has Ambassador engraved on the bell a serial number of 46139 and Italy engraved…

7 years ago
by tdtipton (2 posts)

New to Saxquest

I've viewed Saxquest for a few years now, but this is the first time I've joined. I'm Johnny Hicks. I'm a sax soloist from Mo…

7 years ago
by Sunsetsax (2 posts)

Really Old Conn Ltd. Saxophone

Hello My family and I were cleaning out my grandfathers house and we came across an old saxophone that he played in his coll…

7 years ago
by groh (1 post)

tenor sax

was wanting to get info on a sax. Does anybody know anything about farny saxs? The one I have if I'm reading it right was mad…

7 years ago
by rivetman (1 post)

mpc refacing


7 years ago
by MartinMods (63 posts)


Hi - I'm new to SaxQuest. I decided to join because I would like to purchase a sax for my mom's birthday. She is 85 years you…

7 years ago
by Jitterbug (1 post)

Drake Mouthpieces - Have you tried them?

Hi Everyone, I just sign as a member of the forum. I thought some of you may be interested in learning more about our mouthpi…

7 years ago
by Aaron Drake (3 posts)

New Member

Hi All, Martins do it for me. Looking forward to exchanging ideas. Lance MartinMods

7 years ago
by Jmadrachimov (2 posts)

New Member: Sax ID

I'm Kevin, and I just picked up a Yanagisawa Soprano. It plays well, but I'm not sure what to make of the serial number : 176…

7 years ago
by kguidotti (1 post)

Hi Everyone

Hi Everyone, I just became a member so I thought I would introduce myself :). My name is James and I'm From Amsterdam. I've…

7 years ago
by James Dóxx (1 post)

New member

Hi. I'm new here. Great site! I play alto and soprano. I have a Selmer model 22--sweet sound. Would love to own a yangi!

7 years ago
by (2 posts)

Vintage sax , CG Conn

I'm a new member, an am not quite sure how to operate on this forum...I've just acquired a CG Conn alto sax, with the only ID…

7 years ago
by madmuso (2 posts)

Sax identification and value

Trying to find out what I have and what would be the value: What I know and see: 1. Conn USA 2. Shooting star or starburst…

7 years ago
by davis5663 (2 posts)

New here

Hey I'm new to this site. It's a cool saxophone site I've never seen it before. I play tenor, alto, and soprano mostly. I own…

7 years ago
by RedHotJazzMusic12 (2 posts)

is my saxophone worth much

Could you please tell me anything about a Conn Alto Sax, Serial #7199. It was given to me a few years ago in is not in very g…

7 years ago
by Locoparasaxo (1 post)

Conn 10M Tenor

Hello, I am new to the forum am trying to determine the quality and value of a tenor sax I have had since middle school. Seri…

8 years ago
by l2 (1 post)

Help i am clueless!!!

I was out bumming around today and popped into a little hole in the wall pawn shop. On a shelf tucked away in the corner i fo…

8 years ago
by btrfly0202 (1 post)

New member w/question re: DJH bari

Hello all! I've had this sax for 20 years, and am going to sell it so that someone can appreciate and use it. Can anyone give…

8 years ago
by keilwerthbari (2 posts)

vintage alto sax

Need help finding value of Buescher Aristocrat alto saz to sell ASAP. Father passed away and would like to get top $ to help…

8 years ago
by sherri n (1 post)

Norteño sax player

I am a sax player looking for a group to jam out with. I am nineteen, I live in Houston, and I have experience. If you're in…

8 years ago
by Joe_Acevedo (3 posts)

Hello, I am Ivan Meyer, Multi instrumentalist and luthier in Brazil.

Hello, I play sax, cello, oboe and flute and also manufacture mouthpiece Can see in my mouthpiece I play…

8 years ago
by Ivan Meyer Brazil (14 posts)

Paule Maurice and Tableaux de Provence

I am writing my thesis on Paule Maurice and have created a website dedicated to her. The Paris Conservatory has been kind eno…

8 years ago
by saxophonegypsy (1 post)

Basic questions

Hello all, I'm new to this forum and mostly new at playing an instrument. I've been doing some reading on the Internet about…

8 years ago
by jazzboy1965 (1 post)
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