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vintage alto sax

Need help finding value of Buescher Aristocrat alto saz to sell ASAP. Father passed away and would like to get top $ to help…

8 years ago
by sherri n (1 post)

NorteƱo sax player

I am a sax player looking for a group to jam out with. I am nineteen, I live in Houston, and I have experience. If you're in…

8 years ago
by Joe_Acevedo (3 posts)

Hello, I am Ivan Meyer, Multi instrumentalist and luthier in Brazil.

Hello, I play sax, cello, oboe and flute and also manufacture mouthpiece Can see in my mouthpiece I play…

8 years ago
by Ivan Meyer Brazil (14 posts)

Paule Maurice and Tableaux de Provence

I am writing my thesis on Paule Maurice and have created a website dedicated to her. The Paris Conservatory has been kind eno…

8 years ago
by saxophonegypsy (1 post)

Basic questions

Hello all, I'm new to this forum and mostly new at playing an instrument. I've been doing some reading on the Internet about…

8 years ago
by jazzboy1965 (1 post)

Long time reader, first time forummer...

Hello to all on their own saxquest! My name is Bob, and I have finally decided to discuss some of the things I have questions…

8 years ago
by bobcool7 (2 posts)

Db 7b 5

Hi everyone - I am new to this forum and very pleased to have found ya'all. I am working on ONE NOTE SAMBA and don't know whi…

8 years ago
by auntymanda (2 posts)

Rossetti saxes

I play King Super 20's. Looking for a bari that will not break the bank. Ran across a Rossetti. Don't know anything about the…

8 years ago
by afogartie (6 posts)

My Conn Ladyface Alto Sax

HELP! Is there anyone out there that can help me? I have a CONN 6 M LADYFACE ALTO SAX. The registration number is: A 292195 L…

8 years ago
by Paul Zec (1 post)

new or used??

My daughter wants to start playing sax!My question is do I purchase an older quality sax at a cheap price or do I purchase a…

8 years ago
by se.hornrepair (5 posts)

Vintage Sax vs. Modern Sax for young beginning player

My son is 12 and has been playing a Jupiter student sax for 8 months. His instructor says he's ready for a professional mouth…

8 years ago
by se.hornrepair (5 posts)

New Member

Hello all, new member here, thought I'd say hi. I've been playing sax for about 10 years and repairing woodwinds for 4 years.…

8 years ago
by se.hornrepair (5 posts)

here for info

I came across this site while researching used Yamaha YAS-23 altos. Looking to sell mine and I am trying to find a reasonable…

8 years ago
by Jmay (3 posts)

Buffet saxophone stencil?

Well I am trying to do some research for a friend. He has a sax he got when he was in Europe several years ago. The sax has…

8 years ago
by jlouzada (1 post)

king super 20 - LH pinky table (G#,C#,B,Bb)

hey everyone, i've checked out the saxpics sight detailing the different stages of king super 20's design. (great site) 295x…

8 years ago
by jazzbloke (2 posts)


what is the correct method for achieving a good vibrato on sax. Current debate has the consensus that lip vibrato is the norm…

8 years ago
by (1 post)

Conn 10M

Hi I'm new to site. Is Conn K20,254 a 10M. Whats quality? Thanks for help>

8 years ago
by andreoutko (1 post)

Hello all.

Just signed on and wanted to say hi. Nevvu B. England. Yamaha 23 and 62 and 1953 Mod 58 Conn Alto.

8 years ago
by Nevvy B (1 post)

Selmer LaVoix II Baritone Saxophone

I am interested in learning if anyone has played the LaVoix II Baritone Saxophone and how it compares with the Selmer 55 Pari…

8 years ago
by Gary Gardner (1 post)

Buscher alto sax

I have a buscher also sax, serial number 258187. in pristine shape, how much would it be worth? Mine is probably in "good" co…

8 years ago
by gabey (1 post)

6m conn sax 1948-52'---problem with condition of!

Hello, New to SaxQuest. I can buy this "Naked Lady" sax for about $300.00. Looks and the sell says it plays good but the fini…

8 years ago
by mickado2 (2 posts)

Jody Jazz mouthpieces

Has anyone seen (or better yet played) this new Jody Jazz DV mouthpiece? It looks pretty impressive, I'd LOVE to try one!

8 years ago
by altosaxman (1 post)


I need information concerning the quality of the king empire 665f horn. Is this a beginner horn?

8 years ago
by Saxnsuch (1 post)

New Member

Hello I have just recently found this website and was thrilled about it.

8 years ago
by saxcatch912 (2 posts)

1990 Conn Tenor

I am new to this forum and hope that those with expertise in Conn Saxophones may be able to assist. I am lookin at a Conn te…

8 years ago
by altomartin (3 posts)
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