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Apparent leak despite repeated repairs

I have a nice 97000 Mark VI tenor.I bought it used about 25 years ago.I have had it padded and adjusted several times since t…

8 years ago
by kelsey (912 posts)


Just to say hi and hope to get some info on a sax i picked up at an estate sale. From missouri here. Thanks.

8 years ago
by Selmeralto (1 post)


I'm a long time reader and a first time writer on these forums, but now I need some help. I work in the instrument repair sho…

8 years ago
by saxoph1dan (1 post)


Hai my name is Chan from jakarta,indonesia. nice to meet you all..

8 years ago
by Chandra Wong (1 post)

New Member

I'm Larry, in Texas. Kids are playing and it's time I got back into it. Looking for a killer horn...

8 years ago
by Bear (1 post)

E sharp position

I have some sheet music that shows one note as being an E sharp.. I don't remember what position that is on the Alto Sax. I d…

8 years ago
by newreedsyndrome (343 posts)

Hi from a new member.

Hi, I'm 36 from the U.K and have been playing alto for just under 4 months. I currently play in the training band of my town…

8 years ago
by saxxsymbol (217 posts)

conn tenor saxophone

Hi Everyone, I am fairly new at this, but I would like to get info. on Conn tenor sax with the serial number patd dec8 1914 1…

8 years ago
by greeneyes (3 posts)

new to the sax world

Hi I am a Mom of a thriving 13yr old boy who has been playing sax for 2 years and is nowhaving a blast with his sax am lookin…

8 years ago
by cuber (653 posts)

cj conn ltd vintage saxaphone value

My boyriend left me with a saxaphone my father had given him...I am looking to find a ballpark range of what it is worth. It…

8 years ago
by lala (1 post)

New to Saxquest

Hello Everyone! I’m new to Saxquest, but have had a love for the saxophone for as long as I can remember. My father was a p…

8 years ago
by jljthree (1 post)


Hello all! As an official "noob" I wanted to introduce myself. I am an official "old fart" having been born one year after th…

8 years ago
by saxnut1955 (1 post)

L. S. Dro-Tokin Tupper

hey SQ: I'm an alto sax player/ producer from Chicago. I started playing clarinet and took up the drums around eight, could…

8 years ago
by chalazon (547 posts)

New Member

Just wanted to say 'hello' to all the sax players here.

8 years ago
by SmOoVenSaXy (1 post)

silver melody master sax

Hi I am a 44 yr old mom who is wanting to play a sax. I have been playing on a USA school also sax. I know of a silver melody…

8 years ago
by (1 post)

Need advice

Hi, I'm Melanie and I'm interested in purchasing an alto sax for my daughter who has only been playing for a few months. She…

8 years ago
by plittles4 (2 posts)


hello, i've been playing alto sax for just a year now. i'm 54, call myself "the blues machine", been playing guitar, harp and…

8 years ago
by thebluesmachine (1 post)

what do you think is the best tenor sax

some body what is the answere for that

8 years ago
by FRED SAMPLEY (2 posts)


hello,does anyone have the sheet music for equinox for a b flat tenor sax????thank you for your time jazzmanvt

8 years ago
by jazzmanvt (4 posts)

Hello New Here, Intro

I want to say hello to everyone. I have been mainly an alto sax player for 30 years, and picked up the soprano 2 years ago. I…

8 years ago
by chalazon (547 posts)

Frank Holton B flat Soprano Saxophone

I have a Frank Holton B flat Soprano Saxophone, SN 29553 LP in excellent condition I bought in 1978. Does anyone have an idea…

8 years ago
by wbowhunt (1 post)

Greetings from Matt Otto.

Hi, I'm Matt Otto, tenor sax player and composer. I've been playing for 33 years and have some free time since work is a bit…

8 years ago
by Matt Otto (4 posts)

What's Behind Your Name?

Hello fellow saxophone-lovers! What's behind your screen name? Why did you pick it? Also, if your sax has a name, what's be…

8 years ago
by saxophonist_104 (148 posts)

Looking for Tenor Sax notes

Hi Everyone I am new on the forum, I am looking for notes for Tenor sax on 'Rebel Rouser' and 'I don`t know why I love you bu…

8 years ago
by padraic00 (1 post)

Say hello, intro...

Hello, My name is Scott Swisher. I have been playing saxophone since grade school. I am currently introducing a new line of c…

8 years ago
by saxophonist_104 (148 posts)
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