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Mark, can you contact some sort of law enforcement about these guys who are selling fake passports and bogus drivers licen…

2 years ago
by kelsey (920 posts)

Sax Alto Conn 280

I have a conn alto sax model 280, series which sold me a couple of years ago. I want to know exactly what year it is manuf…

2 years ago
by papoyerel

Just a newbie looking for some help

So, a quick history of me. I am 52, I played from 8 to 18, playing in my high scool marching band for 4 years, and Jazz ba…

2 years ago
by JonHuff (68 posts)

Vintage Bari Sax

Hi I'm new to I've been playing sax for about 20 years tenor mostly. I started playing Bari sax about three…

2 years ago
by jafanshen (0 posts)

The_Muton from France

Hi dear members,

I'm a pianist (amateur) from France.
I play on a numeric piano since one year - I played…

2 years ago
by jafanshen (0 posts)

New on

Hello, i'm soprano player in the Saxy Frasques saxophon quartet, a french band created with students of the Istres's music…

2 years ago
by jafanshen (0 posts)

New to

Hey there!

Just joined, came across the forum section while looking for info on a vintage sax I've bought.

2 years ago
by Audiophysical


I have a Saxophone that is engraved J Erich, but does not have the combination brand [JE] above.  It has a floral eng…

2 years ago
by riley3

Buescher True Tone 1912

Good day:

I am new to the saxophone, but play harmonica, guitar, keyboards/piano, uke and sing.  I play and s…

2 years ago
by patrickharp7

Alto Sax; Yamaha Custom YAS 62 or Selmer Super Action 80?

I want to know about the tone and playablibilty and tone quality of the Yamaha Custom YAS 62 alto sax vs Selmer Super Action…

2 years ago
by henryquito1988 (1 post)


Just discovered thanks to Saxquest in STL. I've been playing sax since the third grade in 1960. I have a mus…

2 years ago
by tabeggs

I am a n00b once again.

Good evening everyone, just wanted to say hello and introduce myself.  My name is Bruce Grabau and I used the play al…

2 years ago
by direw0lf (8 posts)

New member - long time player.

Good morning all. I just joined but have been a musician for over 35 years. I graduated from collede as an O…

2 years ago
by GrooveM

yanagisawa 901

I've got a new Yani 901 and have been having trouble controlling the G, G# and A up the octave. The sax seems to want to play…

2 years ago
by kccmc (1 post)

Hello from planet Uchi

Hello everybody I am a young saxophone player who only just started playing and wanted to introduce myself and not be a cr…

2 years ago
by Saxquest (398 posts)

Greetings from Jamaica

Greetings from Jamaica. I just started learning to play the alto at 65 and having a lot of fun. I play double seconds (ste…

2 years ago
by knolly

Cannonball Sax's

There is a brand of saxophones called Cannonball, I'm not sure if it's in any relation to Cannonball Aderly. I have never act…

2 years ago
by super20bu6 (2 posts)

Just joined up, sayin' hi . . .

Howdy all . . . I have recently begun playing alto sax, at the age of 57, taking lessons from the same guy who taught each…

2 years ago
by PhillipS. (9 posts)

how to add photo to profile

how does one add photo to profile


2 years ago
by Jonolockjaw (17 posts)

sax quartet charts for trade

I have a library of over 900 charts. These are for trade only. All genres. Good stuff only, please. No more than 5 at a time.

3 years ago
by igor_riccardi (1 post)

Hello from Texas

Figured I would start practing again.


3 years ago
by kelsey (920 posts)

Hello from Florida!

Been a member a while but have only posted once before in response to a question.

Looking forward to engaging i…

3 years ago
by ce winds

Frustrated...(not really)Please help...Have a Vito alto sax. I'm

Please help...Have a Vito alto sax. I'm 55 years of age and can't read a lick of music. I don't get it. I love music and w…

3 years ago
by jamieschillin

Hello from NY, new to

Hello, everyone. I'm Scott, a professor of saxophone at several universities in the NY area and performer of jazz and clas…

3 years ago
by Zootsax

elkhart deluxe/learner

i was wondering if anybody knew the difference between the elkhart series 2 and the elkhart deluxe sxad

3 years ago
by adamsuk
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