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Tenor or alto

I have played alto for a few years, will I get a more jazzier sound from a Tenor

4 years ago
by kelsey (887 posts)


Need help to evaluate old sax buescher alto -#144859

5 years ago
by Teresa DiNapoli (1 post)

Getting back into playing the sax

I have been away from playing the sax for about 20 years and have picked up the instrument again. Any thoughts on how to appr…

5 years ago
by Ivan M (4 posts)

I am new around here.

Hello I am new on this forum. I played saxophone from the 7th grade to 12th grade. I am now 42 and was thinking of getting ba…

5 years ago
by Ivan M (4 posts)

Value for appraisal of inherited sax

I can hear the love of music in these posts. A website providing a great service for the rest of us. I'm eager to learn how t…

5 years ago
by noblet77 (4 posts)

Otto Link tenor mouthpiece

Looking for the difference between the sizes of the mouthpieces. ie 7 or 7*. Are the * mouthpieces harder to play

5 years ago
by Jim2004 (1 post)

Elkhart Saxophone

I have an old vintage Elkahart alto sax. The bell of the sax has a big Elk. Under the Elk in a heart it says THE ELKHART Band…

5 years ago
by TBone55 (5 posts)

King Saxello

I was given a Saxello soprano sax and wish to know something about it. It has stamped on it; pat. pending 77348, and on the b…

5 years ago
by Railfan (1 post)

Grand alto sax

I picked up an alto sax at an antique shop that was in very good shape including the pads. The sax was a Grand with the follo…

5 years ago
by chemist1979 (5 posts)

upper register

I have toyed with saxophones since High School....I'm 45....I recently acquired a soprano sax.....I cannot get beyond "D" in…

5 years ago
by rbeaudry (7 posts)

new sound

looking for that GREAT Jazz sound........Can I find it in a mouthpiece? Currently I have a Meyer(5) custom rubber mouthpiece.…

5 years ago
by Saxquest (369 posts)

Conn Tenor

Many years ago....(1977) I bought a CONN Tenor Sax...I still have it, and had it overhauled(pads and springs in 1993). I was…

5 years ago
by Hergy (3 posts)


Hello everybody! I thought I was new here, but when I went to sign up, apparently I already had a username associated with my…

5 years ago
by Plan (1 post)


beginning sax

5 years ago
by artamus (2 posts)

Sax effects and pedals

Hello all, I'm new to the forum - hi! I play in a band and I'm looking into effects pedals for delay, reverb etc. I'm new to…

5 years ago
by cgrantmaledy (2 posts)


hi everyone great site looking for some help with trying to find tenor sax backing tracks [ halo beyounce ] [ lily was here]…

5 years ago
by saxcat69 (6 posts)

Selmer vs Yamaha and Serial #s

Trying to get info on buying alto sax for 5th grade son. For student sax, is Selmer Bundy II & Yamaha YAS23 comparable or is…

5 years ago
by joe sax (1 post)

New here

Hi everyone, I just registered here.

5 years ago
by Jenbrand (1 post)

Scratches inside the Sax, please some advice!

here is the story: I bought a new Tenor Sax from Antigua (TS 4240AQ) about 3 weeks ago. The sax didn't include a care kit so…

5 years ago
by ramonmx (1 post)

Serial number and mfg. of Tenor Sax

The Tenor : HENRI with Lavelle(Like a signature underneath) Has a serial number A2776...Does anyone know who the Mfg. is....I…

5 years ago
by cvillecoker (3 posts)

this forum

What a nice forum! I've been a saxophone player since 1952, primariry Tenor, but also play alto, and baritone. Can't stand th…

5 years ago
by Saxquest (369 posts)

Selmer Bundy manufacture year

Hi everybody, i'm new here, i got a question about the selmer bundy manufacturing date, between what years did the bundy was…

5 years ago
by dajich (1 post)

Elkhart Sax

I was given an Elkhart Alto sax recently. The sax is in need of a couple hundred dollars of repair to make it usable. Questio…

5 years ago
by ernielampro (1 post)


Can someone please answer a question for me, what does the prefix M mean on the serial number of a Conn alto sax? I own a alt…

5 years ago
by richeric (2 posts)

Conn 20M Saxaphone

I found this saxaphone it is a Conn 20M and the serial number is N231039. Is there anyone that can tell me about this model.…

5 years ago
by Tootall Tammy (3 posts)
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