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Buescher Elkhart

I have a Buescher Elkhart sopranosax, silverplated, with serialnumber 23145, Low Pitch. Is this a copy or a original Buescher…

6 years ago
by rolerike (1 post)


Hey All, Never been a part of a forum but i have been to this site a number of times and found it quie useful. So i wanted to…

6 years ago
by r1zbear (1 post)

mouthpiece insanity meyer 5

Why must you be loaded to deserve a decent mouthpiece? I just dropped a nice meyer 5 small chamber and broke the tip. I've be…

6 years ago
by chris ryland (1 post)


What does it mean when reeds are labeled filed or unfiled?

6 years ago
by easysailor (1 post)



6 years ago
by linkplayer (8 posts)

Conn Alto Saxophone

Hi: I am a new saxophone player. I have an old Conn New Wonder Series II Alto Saxophone. It is in good condition and playable…

6 years ago
by Gary51 (17 posts)

any value to these

Hi folks! First-time poster here... I have -a metal lig with "harrison" and "T O" on one side and patent # 3,890.873 on the o…

6 years ago
by edgarhines (1 post)

New on the block

Hi, I've been playing melody sax as a non-reading musician for 40 years and now wish to embark in the field of improvisation.…

6 years ago
by Tom Ralph (1 post)


I just signed up, but I've been lurking for some time now. I've "made sounds" with a saxophone for 37 years now. Started on a…

6 years ago
by Osprey (1 post)

Baritone Sax

I am a parent of a high school freshman and I want to purchase a professional baritone. I was looking at the Yamaha YBS62. Ca…

6 years ago
by cuber (653 posts)

Student Saxophones

I now own a YTS-23 tenor saxophone and have been playing it for about 5 years. Throughout the time, I have never been able to…

6 years ago
by grodk56 (3 posts)

Grampas Saxophone/s

I am 46 years old, and my mom gave me two saxophones that belonged to my grandfather. I would appreciate any information on t…

6 years ago
by ChrisBecker (1 post)

Evette Schaeffer Tenor Sax

Can anyone tell me anything about my Evette Schaeffer Tenor Sax. The serial # is 9356 which this website dated to the 1890s.…

6 years ago
by mellodeer (2 posts)

Frank Holsten Ekborn Alto Sax

Hi everyone, I'm new here and would appreciate some help. I recently acquired a Frank Holsten Ekborn Alto Sax. Serial No. 403…

6 years ago
by BillReborn (1 post)

I'm a Newbie!

Hey Everyone, I'm Jo Louis. I'm looking forward to purchasing my very own Alto. I'm in my early 30's, played in high school a…

6 years ago
by Jo Louis (2 posts)

The worst sentence a saxophonist can type:

I used to own a Selmer Mark VI. Tenor, serial # 99XXX. Played it for a long time, at school in SE Texas, then at U. North Tex…

6 years ago
by jdpate (3 posts)

1948 balanced action 35000 series

can any one tell me what the value of this sax would be now have not played for 9 nine years or so and wondering wether to se…

6 years ago
by stuart bushby (1 post)

Selmer Soprano Series III or Yamaha YSS-475II

Hi everyone.. I guess you could say I am a newbie.. in fact I have never played a sax... but it's my 50th coming up.. and I h…

6 years ago
by kelsey (915 posts)

Benz saxophone reeds

Has anyone tried the new tenor Benz reeds? They are pricey and come in two varieties. I wonder if anyone has any experience w…

6 years ago
by frank deruytter (1 post)

Elkhart on a Mark VI?

I restarted playing my sax and recently saw on my MarkVI tenor 130100 that 7 cm under the rim, above B-flat, just below the S…

6 years ago
by swiss horn (4 posts)

What's a Conn Saxophone worth?

I have a C. G. Conn, Ltd. Made in USA, saxophone. 10M Pat. App. For, B, 319623, L. Naked Lady. From what I could find online,…

6 years ago
by cuber (653 posts)

Curved Soprano sax wanted

Am looking to purchase good used curved soprano sax--I am in the NYC/ northeast NJ area.

6 years ago
by esquire (1 post)

new to discussion

Hello; Im new to this discussion forum. my name is jazz32 just thought i would introduce my self 40 something 2 year alto sax…

6 years ago
by Gary51 (17 posts)

new saxophone

Good evening! I am a new student to the alto sax. I decided to take up the sax earlier this year, having never played an inst…

6 years ago
by Gary51 (17 posts)

Vintage Brilhart #2 (transparent HR or Glass)

I recently purchased a vintage tenor saxophone (King Zephyr 173xxx). It came with a Brilhart #2 tomalin mouthpiece. The mouth…

6 years ago
by ANLSaxin (5 posts)
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