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silver sax made in Paris

Please, someone help me if you can! I am cleaning out a house and have come across a silver saxophone with the words Armand &…

4 months ago
by vicpasnick (1 post)


I started blowing a tenor sax in HS 41 years and 3 months ago. I thought life ended in a HS band room. It did not. I am en…

4 months ago
by Saxquest (296 posts)

Where can I buy a good affordable Alto Sax

Can anyone provide a good website, or websites where I can search for a good and affordable Alto Sax?

5 months ago
by saxgourmet (98 posts)

Sax doubler - looking for the perfect combination


My name is Sheryl, I'm new here. I'm an oboe/english horn player who doubles on sax. Currently I have a Sel…

6 months ago
by sr14051

New beginner

I am very new to this site and to Saxophone's. I have been wanting to play the Sax for years actually decades. Anyway, I am…

6 months ago
by vindeisel1 (6 posts)

need used professional alto sax (nice but inexpensive)

My daughter is looking for a professional alto sax. She is going to college in August and her teacher recommended a Selmer II…

7 months ago
by kelsey (784 posts)

Winston Pro 1 tenor sax


New member. I saw in Jim's list of approved saxes the Winston. Found one I liked on ebay and bought it. It i…

7 months ago
by Ned

Conn Curious - Part 1

Hi people, I have 3 Conns, a '41 10M which is just fine; a late 30s 6M, more on that later but for now I need info on my o…

7 months ago
by Freddie Nurk (7 posts)


I am just starting to play sax after a 30 year break. Marriage, kids,etc. I play alto sax.Its definately not like riding a bi…

7 months ago
by garycsilber (2 posts)

Hello from a new member.....

Hi, all. My name is Gary, and I'm an almost  60 year old professional photographer and an amatuer musician. I play th…

7 months ago
by kelsey (784 posts)

New to the Forum

Hey all, 

I'm newer to Sax then most people but I have been playing for a few years now. I signed up for t…

8 months ago
by SaxBunnie

Greetings from Oregon!

Hello everyone.  I'm new here ... I'm taking private lessons twice a week for the summer, when my practice shed (an a…

8 months ago
by turtlejimmy (14 posts)

New student

Am new bingnnerisn't sax,I need some to tell me how can I go about,I need leson note as well in african,musical college ve…

8 months ago
by magnificant

Glad to find this website :)

I'm a student Saxophone player and I'm new to this website. I had wanted to learn how to play the Saxophone for 17 years a…

8 months ago
by kelsey (784 posts)

Another one from Oregon!

Somewhat of an imposter here. I do not play sax. My son does. I play clarinet. I am just here to learn about saxes.


8 months ago
by Saxquest (296 posts)

new to


I am a new member, an avid amatuer player and saxophone enthusiast.  I play lead alto in a swing ba…

9 months ago
by marci

Looking for information--I'm so confused

I found this site looking for information on a saxaphone that was given to us several years ago, but our kids never took i…

9 months ago
by daisyblue (3 posts)


Greeting everyone! I am new here. I live in Florida, and play soprano, alto, tenor saxophones, clarinet and flute. I playe…

9 months ago
by LSaxmaster (2 posts)

New Member...Great Site!!!!

Hi Folks,
Just found this website and really enjoying the posts! Best wishes to all and keep posting!
-Metro Nar…

9 months ago
by Metro_MarkVI

Boston Brand Saxophone

Hello from San Juan, PR.  I am new to this forum and hope to gain a lot of experience from all of the members of this…

10 months ago
by almoralesfranco (4 posts)


Hi all,
I've visisted this site trying to find out about mouthpieces, really got some good input. I will run to…

10 months ago
by Caatje006

Can't stop squeaks or get the sound that I want!(alto)

Since I turned to metal mouthpieces I have dealt with many problems. I have tried many mouthpieces (sizes and shapes), reeds…

11 months ago
by lallopop (1 post)

where to find sheet music

I am trying to find sheet music. Can anyone help?

11 months ago
by janetwatson (4 posts)

Hi from rainy France

Hi all sax lovers.

I just joined after reading an article about my current problem, the apparently common tenor…

11 months ago
by saxit

New Guy needs purchasing help

Hey everyone, this site has been so helpful that I decided to go ahead and join. I am in the midst of buying an Alto …

11 months ago
by DryMartini
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