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the sound I am looking for

I have a keilwerth shadow tenor and I am trying to have a sound like Javier Vergara, plays with Pancho Sanchez, and or like t…

10 years ago
by justplay (3 posts)

Hello an introduction

I posted a couple of topics allready but I guess I should introduce myself. Name is dave. I have been playing bass for abo…

10 years ago
by new on sax (33 posts)

HappySax (new member)

Hello everyone...I have read some of the discussion info and look forward to some fun and info in the future. I have been a p…

10 years ago
by HappySax (23 posts)

Mute for Sax?

Has anyone ever heard of a "pancake mute" for sax?

10 years ago
by sax-atone (3 posts)

Buescher Aristocrat

I have a Buescher Aristocrat Serial #453650. Can anyone tell me the year and some additional information about this instrumen…

10 years ago
by bexrob (1 post)


I have recently been looking at altos in ebay and other places in the web so i can practice at home then i suddently came acr…

10 years ago
by saxteen13 (1 post)

That Fickle Saxy Boy! (Selmer Question)!!

Greetings to all! I just finished reading Tim Price's Buyer's Seller's Guide online for those of us wanting to buy/sell. I am…

10 years ago
by roybrooks (4 posts)

vintage conn sax

I found a Conn sax with case serial number is 105742L it looks pretty old, made in elkhart in. silver or nickle with mother o…

10 years ago
by saxismyaxe (575 posts)

Hey, whats up guys?

Ive been scanning this site for a while, and today finaly decided to join. Oh, and i joke a lot so please dont get mad if i j…

11 years ago
by MarkLavelle (300 posts)

Best sax

I am new to this, and am a new member so I've read some of the discussions and have wondered what are some of the best saxes…

11 years ago
by Donnie The B (282 posts)

Can anyone help me?

Recently came upon a sax with the following engraving on the bell -Selmer-American Elkhart-Ind. U.S.A . On the back the follo…

11 years ago
by Sax Mom (964 posts)

An Introduction

Hullo everybody. My name is Russ and I live on the sunny coast of Eastern Australia mid way between Sydney and Brisbane. Been…

11 years ago
by Donnie The B (282 posts)

antique sax

can not find info on silver sax made elkhart indiana band ist co

11 years ago
by lawrencederrick (1 post)

Where to start?

Ok, heres the deal. Im just about 25 years old now and i havent owned or played a sax since high school. I davel in a few oth…

11 years ago
by 92hatchattack (11 posts)

Hey, woud like to introduce myself.

Hello everyone, hope you're all well. I decided I'd join the forums since I've read some of the posts and been interested in…

11 years ago
by Saxyboy (52 posts)

PLZ need music for Pick up the pieces

Hey if anyone has the music for Pick up the pieces by Kenny G for TENOR sax and if someone can email it to me i would be very…

11 years ago
by Sax Mom (964 posts)

Summer Employment Opportunities

Faculty and Staff Employment Opportunities Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp Twin Lake, MI 49457 800.221.3796 or for…

11 years ago
by Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp (3 posts)


ONLINE TRANSLATIONS, CONSULTATIONS, BUSINESS DATING SITE IN 12 LANGUAGES no replies by netamaster (2 posts) 11 years ago

11 years ago
by netamaster (2 posts)

lee konitz

Does anyone know which make of alt-saxophone was played by Lee Konitz in the 1940/50s, when he recorded with Lennie Tristano…

11 years ago
by swingstreet (315 posts)

Introducing myself

Hello my name is Curtis and I am residing in Canada. I played sax from 5th thru 12th grade and beyond until almost 1980. Alwa…

11 years ago
by Sax Mom (964 posts)

hello,new member would like advice on what alto to get next

i have had a Earlham student sax for 5 years and i am now at grade 5 in england. for my 25th wedding present my wife what me…

11 years ago
by andy hutton (4 posts)

Advices&Info for a new soprano

Im looking for a soprano but i want it straigt&one-piece body.i like the serieii and the pmuriat pmss-2600.have anyone infos…

11 years ago
by sax&sax (18 posts)

Wurlitzer MARTIN Handcraft ALTO SAX or Buescher Aristocrat or 400

I am new to this site at least as a member i have from time to time peeked in on discussions on the site and to get tips and…

11 years ago
by jayharden (4 posts)

New Sax

I'm looking for a new sax new or vintage and money is not an option. I'm only at an intermediate level but plan to continue p…

11 years ago
by Donnie The B (282 posts)

New Sax Player

Hi, I've just started playing the sax.... After playing the clarinet for twenty-eight years. I am doing quite well, I think…

11 years ago
by hightor (6 posts)
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