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yamaha or selmer?

my dad is looking into buying me a Selmer SAS280 La Voix II Alto Saxophone or a Yamaha YAS-62II Series Professional Alto Saxo…

5 years ago
by cuber (653 posts)

JOLLYSUN Saxophones?

It seems that the United Arab

5 years ago
by blmoura (1 post)

How much are my saxophones worth can anyone give me an idea?

I dont know the exact name of either or them but i know the brands One is CONN the other is OLDS i got the CONN for free and…

5 years ago
by luiyo456 (18 posts)

Saxgourmet Super 400 review

Just received my Super 400 Dec. 23rd. Absolutely stunning looking horn, flawless finish, stout build quality. Horns looks alm…

5 years ago
by saxxsymbol (217 posts)

In Need of Help

Hi! I play baritone saxophone, and am currently in a creative every artistic endeavor. Anyway. I need something t…

5 years ago
by Altonian11 (39 posts)

Ear Training

TRAIN YOUR EAR, PLAY BETTER: Reel Space Irish Music School is now making it's custom ear training software, Reel Ear, availa…

5 years ago
by Reel Ear (1 post)

Info on Buescher Sax

I have been left a Buescher True Tone Sax that was manufactured in 1923-1924...SN:134283 in Elkhart, Indiana. I am donating i…

5 years ago
by MissJane (1 post)


RBM PRO. ALTO SAXOPHONE EXCELLENT & RARE. Does anybody know anything about this sax? It was advertised on "ebay". I have "goo…

5 years ago
by newreedsyndrome (343 posts)

How the hell long does an overhaul take?

ARRRR my damn sax has been in for repairs since April 21st.... Everytime I call the tech says it will be a few more weeks...…

5 years ago
by knorter (205 posts)

A Conn or two

My first question is in relation to a Conn that has what looks like shooting stars engraved on it. It has two lots of numbers…

5 years ago
by Fiona (8 posts)

Looking for advice on purchasing a tenor

I played a ton when I was younger, but I have not played in about 10 years starting a family, etc.etc. Miss playing and am lo…

5 years ago
by kelsey (830 posts)

What is wrong with my Yamaha Custom??Please help!

Long story short- my alto is a Yamaha Custom 875, the older horn before they started the EX and Z's. Recently I had the key h…

5 years ago
by JCanz (1 post)

Seeking investor(s) for SAXOPHONE projects - serious inquiries only - $30k

I am a professional saxophonist, writer, researcher and inventor, working in the field for 30+ years. For the past 7 years,…

5 years ago
by Dave Bass (1 post)

P Mauriat Vs. Conn 6m "Naked Lady"

I'm looking to buy a new sax and trying to decide which is a better buy. My budget is about 2000-2500. I've heard good things…

5 years ago
by kelsey (830 posts)

Has anyone heard of an RBM "S" Alto Sax?

I have had an RBM "S" Alto Sax for years. No one I have come across has heard of or seen one before. Does anyone know where t…

5 years ago
by cooroycoll (1 post)

Complete beginner, i love the sax

Hey guys! Actually, I joined this forum a long time ago. But due to my hectic schedule, I never really got to participate. An…

5 years ago
by gloriousnunal (1 post)


I have a silverplate soprano saxophone, and this summer my daughter and I will be taking the whole thing apart, polishing it,…

5 years ago
by blackfrancis (396 posts)

Low Eb to C and Low C# to B

Hey everybody, I've been having problems pretty consecutively with passages that involve these two finger movements. My horn…

5 years ago
by Roy McGrath (7 posts)

Old Saxaphone in the attic-is it worthwhile getting it repaired and how old might it be?

Good morning! I am new to this forum and hope that your experiences in the music/ saxaphone industry can help me please. My o…

5 years ago
by Sax Mom (964 posts)

Jazz Saxophone & Classical Saxophone: Why The Enmity?

First and foremost, we are all saxophonists. Neither genre is better than the other in any way. That's the beauty of art in g…

5 years ago
by flowertj (6 posts)

Should Relaquering A Horn Deprciate The Value So Much Nowadays?

I understand that to relacquer a horn years ago would significantly drop the value of the horn due to the fact that it was do…

5 years ago
by connsaxman_jim (2336 posts)

1956 Mark VI Selmer Saxophone

I have my fathers sax and he is askig me to sell it for him. He has been playing reed instruments his whole life, now 82. Unf…

5 years ago
by vancegolfs (1 post)

What Sax to sell?

I own some vintage saxes. A conn naked lady alto, a mark 6 selmer alto handpicked for me by Jimmy Abato, and 2 selmer mark 6…

5 years ago
by MartinMods (63 posts)

Selmer Mark VI Soprano Saxophone

Hey guys, new to the forum. I have the opportunity to get my hands on a Selmer Mark VI Soprano Saxophone for around $2000. Is…

5 years ago
by satbwinds (1 post)

Not quite sure what Tenor to Buy!!!

Hi, Name is Alex I've been playing Alto Sax for 2yrs and now interested in taking the step up to Tenor Sax. Want to purchase…

5 years ago
by saxjunkie89 (393 posts)
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