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Looking to buy a better Alto

I am looking to buy a better alto sax. I have been playing for about 12 years, and want something that i can move forward wit…

5 years ago
by jetblast7 (2 posts)

can someone tell me what model this Selmer Bundy Is? There's no model number

I just purchased a used but in good condition alto sax for under 200$. I'm not too sure which model number it is. It only say…

5 years ago
by ayco (1 post)

wanting to buy a soprano sax

I currently play a selmer ref. 54 and am looking to get a soprano. I really don't know anything about them. I see all kinds o…

5 years ago
by practicemakespracticed (1 post)

Buying a sax

I bought my first sax a year ago. The music shop repairman played a couple different ones, so I could hear the difference. (I…

5 years ago
by Mooseman (1 post)

Vespro Saxophones

Has anyone tried the new Vespr

5 years ago
by saxxsymbol (217 posts)


I was wonderin the value "if anyone could pitch me a ballpark" of my sax... I use to play years(s) ago in high school but hav…

5 years ago
by saxismyaxe (574 posts)


what notes would i play with these chords, there is a g,f,d and a sharps in the key signature. F#m G#m C#m

5 years ago
by cuber (653 posts)

Need help and opinions!!

As of right now, I have two tenor saxophones, and I've just been recruited to play in a Reggae/old school Ska band. I'm tryin…

5 years ago
by MartinMods (63 posts)

Saxophone Lacquer?

I was recently trying to decide on a step up model for an alto saxophone and I decided on the Selmer La Voix II. I was wonder…

5 years ago
by ssrkyle (3 posts)

Sax identification and value

Have sax with the following: 1. Conn USA 2. Engraving of shootstar or starburst 3. Pearl covered keys-buttons? 4. Serial Num…

5 years ago
by davis5663 (2 posts)

Question about Bundy II Alto sax

hey guys, I'm new to this forum and I joined so that I could get some good opinions on how much I can get a used Bundy II for…

5 years ago
by musicman41 (1 post)

Questions about our lyon Healy Sax

I have my fathers Sax from the 40s . It is a LH but we can't read the model. it is a Corrturisk ?? model. Can anyone help us…

5 years ago
by Ian E. (1 post)

vintage cleanng and info please help!!!!!

ve a saxophone that says ind elkhart USA with serial number but no name anyone help! serial number is 4992. also whats the b…

5 years ago
by cuber (653 posts)

Would a early Beuscher Stencil be worth fixing up to play as a proffesional horn???

Hey I was given a stencil sax by my uncle and it turns out it is a early Beuscher stencil has the high front F key…

5 years ago
by chalazon (547 posts)

Cannonball vs. Mauriat

What's everyone's thoughts on these horns? I'm certain there will be a lot of highly subjective answers, but has anyone playe…

5 years ago
by chalazon (547 posts)

Preorder the new sultry, exotic, and funky new album by Jessy J!

Preorder the new sultry, exotic, and funky new album by Jessy J! Don’t be mistaken by this beauty, her skills on her new a…

5 years ago
by telarc (5 posts)

Norteño sax player

I am a sax player looking for a group to jam out with. I am nineteen, I live in Houston, and I have experience. If you're in…

5 years ago
by Joe_Acevedo (3 posts)

Help me choose the best Chcago Blues sax!

Hi, I am planning to buy a tenor saxophone soon, but it seems the more I read about them, the more confused I become. So, I n…

5 years ago
by rwillia85 (4 posts)

Windermere...4 Star....question

Hey I have a Windermere 4 Star Alto my uncle gave me.....its silver so I was wondering since it is a stencil sax will it be w…

5 years ago
by Brandon_1023 (34 posts)

Db 7b 5

Hi everyone - I am new to this forum and very pleased to have found ya'all. I am working on ONE NOTE SAMBA and don't know whi…

5 years ago
by kelsey (793 posts)

New or old ?

Selmer Balanced Action vs Selmer Reference 36. What do you thing about it ? and why. Thank you.

5 years ago
by saxall60 (29 posts)

Have a selmer saxophone sn# 28588 need info about it? want to sell it !

i recieved a henry selmer paris saxophone sn # 28588 and need some information about it I would like to sell it but dont know…

5 years ago
by candiceb (3 posts)

I play rhythm blues, pop-jazz; do arrangement for music

Mobile phone: +380939110777 e-mail: Jaroslav Bursakov Saxophone player. Higher education conserv…

5 years ago
by y7sax (2 posts)

What Saxes should I carry at my store?

Ive played saxophone for 14 years and am the B&O rep at my store. The program is new and I dont know what horns I should real…

5 years ago
by cuber (653 posts)

Wish to be informed

Hello...I am currently in the process of trying to sell my used Yamaha YAS-23 which I used to play in high school. It has bee…

5 years ago
by cuber (653 posts)
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