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The Popular Story Of Two Brothers

How could we ignore to bring up this popular story of two bros on our list? Fullmetal Alchemist Cosplay Costumes requires…

10 months ago
by Berard

Sour Eater's Story

In Soul Eater Cosplay Costumes also you will discover good quantities of activity and the primary figures battle with thei…

10 months ago
by Berard

General beginner questions

A few beginner questions - do you have to buy a new mouthpiece after a while? I have a Yamaha YAS-23 with a Yamaha 4c mout…

10 months ago
by Saxquest (360 posts)

Tenor Sax Questions

Have been looking at new tenors - what is the new version of the old Selmer Mark VI?  I see reference 54 and the…

10 months ago
by wehtam (1 post)

Jazz Geneve Musique Suisse


Passionné de musique je suis un saxophoniste avec une formation en Jazz et une forte connaissan…

10 months ago
by new sax dude (2 posts)

Yanagisawa S992 - the best horn ever!

I recently purchased a Yanagisawa S992, soprano. Its the one made of bronze. Let me say this, I have played a lot of horns ov…

10 months ago
by cosmic girl (1 post)

Intermediate Soprano Comparisons


Am looking at some intermediate soprano saxophone options and the three that seem to keep coming to the fro…

10 months ago
by ttkentucky (4 posts)

curved sopranos

I love sopranos, play mostly older music, (and am older), and am intrigued by curved sopranos.  But the older ones ha…

10 months ago
by rbrenman

Yamaha Yas-52

Just bought Yamaha Yas-52 , it is in ok condition, but doesnt have stencil on bell. Says Yamaha, Established in 1887, Japa…

10 months ago
by king alto (4 posts)

Archived Sheet Music

I'm looking for somewhere (or someone) where I can puchase an archived copy of the Jascha Gurewich Saxophone Concerto in E…

10 months ago
by Mitchel.Russo

mbaj saxophones

I have an opportunity to buy a MBAJ sop sax but there seems to be very little on the Web about this brand. Does anyone kno…

10 months ago
by BS-A

have you ever heard about jenny cooper sax?

Jenny Cooper was one of the master artisans from selmer,
and he created his own company around 1950s..
there wer…

10 months ago
by bonzpark | GROUPE JAZZ | EVENT | votre orchestre mariage

BONJOUR ET BIENVENUE! Vous cherchez un orchestre de jazz à Montreux pour l'animation jazzy de votre r&eacut…

10 months ago
by marcueter (3 posts)

Recordings of Scales on a Tenor Sax

I have attempted to learn to play saxophone a number of times over the last 20 years and became frustrated that although I…

10 months ago
by markmusic

Any Recommendations of good Saxaphonists

Hello Guys. I was wondering if you guys coul reccomend me some good saxaphonists. Im into jazz and ive been listening to 1…

10 months ago
by kelsey (863 posts)

Information about Sax

I have a Yamaha Sax.  It is a yas-xt1.  I am having trouble finding out information for this instrument. I am tr…

11 months ago
by EmOw

restart practice after a long time off


I played tenor sax with some local bands back in the late 1960’s and early 1970&rsq…

11 months ago
by GFC (499 posts)

Mark vi or series iii

I am going to buy a soprano saxphone,and there are two options:one is  mark vi with a series number 300XXX,and the ot…

11 months ago
by GFC (499 posts)

My 12 yr old son


Ok I need some advice, My 12 year old son wants a sax for Christmas. However I…

11 months ago
by GFC (499 posts)

Tenor or Alto

I bought an alto a bit ago and thinking of trading it for a tenor.  The shop said they would give me full credit for…

11 months ago
by PhillipS. (8 posts)

c melody mouthpiece

I am an above average musician and plan on getting back with a small group.  I play soprano sax and recently purchase…

11 months ago
by SYNCHROJAMES (4 posts)

where to try out before I buy around southwest michigan

I'm in the market for a soprano but want to play before I pay. I seem to be in a dead zone . I'm between chicago & det…

11 months ago
by Saxquest (360 posts)

Vintage Conn Sax For Sale 1914

12 months ago
by Cgcook

Conn Rocket Elkhart??

Has anyone ever heard of the Rocket alto saxophone? Made in Elkhart. Serial number 23518. I saw it on ebay and I cannot find…

12 months ago
by Haanzig (13 posts)

Advice on buying Alto Sax for my wife


So I'm looking to buy my wife an alto saxophone for Christmas.  I rented her one a few months back to…

12 months ago
by SutureSelf
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