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Saxquest! Wow, Thank you!

Hey guys,

I just purchased a 1940 Conn 10M serial number 288xxx from Saxquest. I can't thank them enough. Their cu…

3 years ago
by boozemeister



The truth about Keilwerth Saxophones


My name is…

3 years ago
by Julius Keilwerth

Behold!!! the new Be-Bop scale!

the common be-bop scale is as follows: G, A, B, C, D, E, F, F#, G The problem with this scale imho is that it ignores the m…

3 years ago
by Grockle (1 post)

Some opinions about Buffet Crampon 400 matte

I play sax for 7 years in music school and right now I`m buying a new alto Buffet Crampon 400 matte. If someone had some expe…

3 years ago
by jeffjazz897 (2 posts)

Conn supranno sax chu berry 1928

I have a Conn chuberry silver plate in great condition. Serial Is M209222. It was well cared for and used by a professional.…

3 years ago
by joeyski (1 post)

my alexandre sax

I have an Alexandre Professional Saxophone model number #426S Italy. The case is also from Italy and the serial number tag is…

3 years ago
by GFC (359 posts)

Yanagisawa 901 black

Hi all I have recently aquired a yanagisawa 901black, and find the thickness of the sound a bit on the fat tubby side, not mu…

3 years ago
by Jimimac (4 posts)

Good tenor saxophone

Hello, I'm in high school and I'm looking for a good saxophone. I don't want a beginner level sax. But I don't really want a…

3 years ago
by GFC (359 posts)

Is the LA Sax Big Lip alto a good sax for beginner?

I'm 28 years old..played brass in High School, got the music bug again & am wanting to learn sax. Is this a good brand/good s…

3 years ago
by GFC (359 posts)

old vintage buescher elkhart tenor sax low pitch true tone

Hey there. I have a sax sn 88201. I am hoping to find out the value. And why my junior high teacher would not let me play it.…

3 years ago
by jman2m6 (2 posts)

Buescher Elkhart tenor sax

Who can help me with my questions: How old is my sax? Is it a good student sax? Engraved on the bell is an Elk, It says "Bu…

3 years ago
by jman2m6 (2 posts)

C.G. Conn alto sax that really needs some help in identifying it's info!

Hi I've a C.G. alto saxophone with me, it was given by my grandpa who is 81 years old. He has when he was still a child, but…

3 years ago
by Saxquest (321 posts)

F. E. Olds - Does anyone know if they make a good alto sax?

The local music store is trying to sell us an F. E. Olds Alto Saxaphone(New - limited 10 year warrenty). I was just wondering…

3 years ago
by budro1p (1 post)

Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece

Been looking for this mouthpiece anyone now where i could find one. It's made by the Woodwind Company its a Metal mouthpiece…

3 years ago
by Stewart_Dreis (12 posts)

Emperor Alto Sax outfit

Can anyone tell me anything about these Alto Saxophones ? Are they any good junk ...will fall apart etc.. I play 50'…

3 years ago
by cobra_sam (11 posts)

Yanagisawa Tenor Sax--Need Info

I have a Yanagisawa Tenor Sax I'm wanting to sell and I'm looking for information on it so I can determine what it might be w…

3 years ago
by chalazon (547 posts)

please delete

test, please delete

3 years ago
by vanuck (1 post)

Jazz Clarinet Reeds

I am playing on a Selmer Centered Tone clarinet with a Vandoren 5JB mouthpiece with Vandoren Blue Box #2 reeds. I am pleased…

3 years ago
by abbi (3 posts)

Help identify sax donated to our animal rescue?

Our animal rescue was just donated two saxophones to help raise funds for our nonprofit. One is a simple newer student's inst…

3 years ago
by solemn78 (1 post)

Yama Musik Saxophone

Yes, Yama, not Yamaha. Has anyone heard of this brand? Do you know why I cannot find any information about it on the web. I c…

3 years ago
by SPITE929 (1 post)

Help/suggestions needed

So I am going to have college auditions this year and I was wondering what pieces would be good for a bari/tenor sax player?…

3 years ago
by madhatterjazz (1 post)

how much?

I've been out of the loop for a while(wife,kids,job)but am interested in buying a tenor from a friend of mine who has fallen…

3 years ago
by dduncan (1 post)

Used Mouthpiece Identification!!! Help!!!!

I just bought a used metal mouthpiece and it has no name on it. It looks like a brilhart but slightly different. Who knows th…

3 years ago
by jjones1 (3 posts)


My D key has started to be real flubby. No better way to put it. The key has way to much bounce causing the note to sound flu…

3 years ago
by chalazon (547 posts)

Led Zeppelin Sheet Music

I'm looking for Led Zeppelin sheet music for Tenor Sax, Any ideas??

3 years ago
by saxcat69 (6 posts)
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