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How much is my Selmer worth?

I have a Selmer USA saxophone. I believe its an AS200, based on some pictures I found on the internet. The serial number is 1…

4 years ago
by Mark Steven Cohen (2 posts)

Reunion Blues Leather Gig Bag Repair

I have a 15 - 20 year old Reunion Blues gig bag that needs the main compartment zipper replaced and I have had NO luck findin…

4 years ago
by Saxsoon (6 posts)


I am actively researching the possibility of applying the concept of utonility to the saxophone - acoustically producing tone…

4 years ago
by kelsey (819 posts)

Yanigasawa Straight Soprano

Hi. Today I looked at a 20 year old Yani Straight soprano (no model shown on sax, one piece sax) which is in immaculate condi…

4 years ago
by chalazon (547 posts)

Martin C vintage soprano.. worth the overhaul?

Hey all, I came across a vintage 1924 Martin soprano in the key of C for 400. The catch, it needs an overhaul. I have never o…

4 years ago
by luiyo456 (18 posts)

Gary Sugal Bari Series III

I just got my bari Gary Sugal III, and was impressed by the warm center tone and responsiveness of this sax, plus even though…

4 years ago
by luiyo456 (18 posts)

Bless Brand Tenor Sax?

I had a customer come into our store today with a "BLESS" tenor sax that he picked up in Germany. Has anyone heard of this? A…

4 years ago
by phlip773 (10 posts)

yamaha or selmer?

my dad is looking into buying me a Selmer SAS280 La Voix II Alto Saxophone or a Yamaha YAS-62II Series Professional Alto Saxo…

4 years ago
by cuber (653 posts)

JOLLYSUN Saxophones?

It seems that the United Arab

4 years ago
by blmoura (1 post)

How much are my saxophones worth can anyone give me an idea?

I dont know the exact name of either or them but i know the brands One is CONN the other is OLDS i got the CONN for free and…

4 years ago
by luiyo456 (18 posts)

Saxgourmet Super 400 review

Just received my Super 400 Dec. 23rd. Absolutely stunning looking horn, flawless finish, stout build quality. Horns looks alm…

5 years ago
by saxxsymbol (217 posts)

In Need of Help

Hi! I play baritone saxophone, and am currently in a creative every artistic endeavor. Anyway. I need something t…

5 years ago
by Altonian11 (39 posts)

Ear Training

TRAIN YOUR EAR, PLAY BETTER: Reel Space Irish Music School is now making it's custom ear training software, Reel Ear, availa…

5 years ago
by Reel Ear (1 post)

Info on Buescher Sax

I have been left a Buescher True Tone Sax that was manufactured in 1923-1924...SN:134283 in Elkhart, Indiana. I am donating i…

5 years ago
by MissJane (1 post)


RBM PRO. ALTO SAXOPHONE EXCELLENT & RARE. Does anybody know anything about this sax? It was advertised on "ebay". I have "goo…

5 years ago
by newreedsyndrome (343 posts)

How the hell long does an overhaul take?

ARRRR my damn sax has been in for repairs since April 21st.... Everytime I call the tech says it will be a few more weeks...…

5 years ago
by knorter (205 posts)

A Conn or two

My first question is in relation to a Conn that has what looks like shooting stars engraved on it. It has two lots of numbers…

5 years ago
by Fiona (8 posts)

Looking for advice on purchasing a tenor

I played a ton when I was younger, but I have not played in about 10 years starting a family, etc.etc. Miss playing and am lo…

5 years ago
by kelsey (819 posts)

What is wrong with my Yamaha Custom??Please help!

Long story short- my alto is a Yamaha Custom 875, the older horn before they started the EX and Z's. Recently I had the key h…

5 years ago
by JCanz (1 post)

Seeking investor(s) for SAXOPHONE projects - serious inquiries only - $30k

I am a professional saxophonist, writer, researcher and inventor, working in the field for 30+ years. For the past 7 years,…

5 years ago
by Dave Bass (1 post)

P Mauriat Vs. Conn 6m "Naked Lady"

I'm looking to buy a new sax and trying to decide which is a better buy. My budget is about 2000-2500. I've heard good things…

5 years ago
by kelsey (819 posts)

Has anyone heard of an RBM "S" Alto Sax?

I have had an RBM "S" Alto Sax for years. No one I have come across has heard of or seen one before. Does anyone know where t…

5 years ago
by cooroycoll (1 post)

Complete beginner, i love the sax

Hey guys! Actually, I joined this forum a long time ago. But due to my hectic schedule, I never really got to participate. An…

5 years ago
by gloriousnunal (1 post)


I have a silverplate soprano saxophone, and this summer my daughter and I will be taking the whole thing apart, polishing it,…

5 years ago
by blackfrancis (396 posts)

Low Eb to C and Low C# to B

Hey everybody, I've been having problems pretty consecutively with passages that involve these two finger movements. My horn…

5 years ago
by Roy McGrath (7 posts)
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