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ribbed be or not to be?

does the ribbed construction of todays newer saxes actually help in some way? i think the tech guys would know!

12 years ago
by invocansax (27 posts)

Keilwerth Model Number Soup?

Can someone explain the relationship between the old EX90, SX90 and new JK3300 and JK3400 instruments? Are the JK3300 saxes i…

12 years ago
by tko (1 post)

Neck for series 2

I tried a bunch of saxes and liked the selmer series 2. So I ordered one from a shop that works on them that will tune it for…

12 years ago
by Augman (29 posts)

Jazz Songs

Hey guys, I'm in a HS Jazz Band and I play sax. We are having a concert in a few days. I just wanted to run through our song…

12 years ago
by barimachine (323 posts)

Can't hit notes with palm keys and few other problems

I just got my soprano and I amh aving trouble using the palm keys. Also I am warbling my lower register, also when going up a…

12 years ago
by sax_braswell (22 posts)

why transpose? why write in Bb & Eb?

it is frustrating to not be able to play with flutes or fiddles without struggling through nasty transpositions. how did bras…

12 years ago
by connsaxman_jim (2336 posts)

NASA conference question

I saw that conference is at drake (twenty minute drive from my house) and was wondering. Is the morning/evening performances…

12 years ago
by diminishedpower (25 posts)

Best modern Selmer

In your opinion, what is the best modern Selmer being made?

12 years ago
by definition (963 posts)

The search for a reasonably priced bari

Well, the title is kinda self-explanatory. Are Jupiters really just hunks of Taiwanese junk like I suspect? Also, how much wo…

12 years ago
by baribarisaxyman (7 posts)

KeilworthST90 Tenor Sax. A Good Starter??

Have a chance to purchase a Keilworth ST90 tenor sax for $500. It is (2) years old and hardly used by a young student. In exc…

12 years ago
by Kimo (29 posts)

Jeff Coffmen

Has anyone heard of this guy. I heard some of his stuff at a jazz festival and loved it. Sadly I can't find any of his music.…

12 years ago
by lemonhead (23 posts)


THE SAXOPHONE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR The joy of playing the instrument is the key. It should be of no consequence to the individua…

12 years ago
by connsaxman_jim (2336 posts)

Details on an old sax

I have a "Predominant" alto sax, serial number 11165. On the bell, it says "sold by Boosey & Hawkes - London" and just below…

12 years ago
by Rivalidol (1 post)

Giant Steps Animation

I just thought this was cool. For those of you who have never heard Coltrane's Giant Steps (which is vital) , here it is. For…

12 years ago
by jazaddict (41 posts)

Sax help

I'm just starting out on the sax. I've been reading the posts here and they are very helpful. I know that at 47 I can still l…

12 years ago
by jazaddict (41 posts)


FREE JAZZ (TARDIS) When we discuss the playing of so-called FREE JAZZ the Knights Templar dismiss it TARDIS is the reason (…

12 years ago
by TANGO SIX ONE (255 posts)

Which one is the best Selmer alto sax?

I am thinking of buying one (preferably second hand, as I will have about £ 1000 to spend) and wondering which one to buy an…

12 years ago
by martysax (148 posts)

Ibert's Concertino De Camera

I am an English music student and for my dissertation I am going to compare John Harle's recording of Ibert's Concertino De C…

12 years ago
by trevorr1148 (1 post)


this might sound like a stupid question... before auditions i'm totally calm and relaxed thinking "oh, i know the music, i'm…

12 years ago
by karebear1012 (395 posts)

Baritone Sax

I am looking to purchase a new Baritone Sax and have my eye on a Sugal Baritone with nickel body and silver bell. Trouble is…

12 years ago
by sbaker (1 post)

Yamaha 62 question

My husband just purchased a YAS-62M (matte finish) for my son when I specifically sent him to purchase a YAS-62II for him. Ca…

12 years ago
by connsaxman_jim (2336 posts)

Curved Sopranos vs. Straight Sopranos

I would just like to know the differences in sound between the two and difficulties or joys of playing one shape over the oth…

12 years ago
by kesslermusic (8 posts)


Hello again. I've been working on my embouchure and have been using this site ( 3 replies by nectarios (20 posts) 12 years ago

12 years ago
by troymcclure (10 posts)

Good music theory book?

Ay recommendations? Saw one I was going to buy from BNN tonight. It was a small book with good content that helped, but wante…

12 years ago
by someguy (80 posts)

What should I do?

Should I rent a Bundy for 3 months for $115 to see if I want to keep going with the sax, or should I just buy a used Yamaha 4…

12 years ago
by connsaxman_jim (2336 posts)
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