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Conn Chu-Berry Soprano Altissimo Register

Hi All,

I recently came into posession of a Conn Chu-Berry Soprano courtesy of a friend.  I've been working w…

4 years ago
by rds1270 (1 post)

Vintage Evette Schaeffer Sax made in 1887. S/N 7950 $$??

I have a Evette Shaeffer saxophone S/N 7950.  The charts say it was made in 1887.  I believe it's a tenor. …

5 years ago
by jckilmer

Revived Conn Tenor

I've reconditioned my 1931 Conn Tenor, serial number M[?]247120.

What kind of mouthpiece should I try, to get a wa…

5 years ago
by saxgourmet (126 posts)

2013 Vintage Sax Calendar

Just wanted to let everyone know that I brought back the sexy Vintage Sax Calendar. Please check it out thanks!

5 years ago
by jazzgray

6m conn Naked lady Sax

I acquired a Gold 6m conn Naked Lady it has an E and then 340681 L, I took it in to the local music store, He was very impres…

5 years ago
by urupablo (1 post)

elkhart sax

I have an alto sax. On the bell it says, made in elkhart, in. It has "Rocket" engraved on it. The serial # is 23518. Does any…

5 years ago
by Haanzig (16 posts)

Lyon and Healy Saxophone?

My father owns this saxophone. its serial number is 56156 I would like some information on this Sax year how much they are…

5 years ago
by GFC (595 posts)

Conn Alto Sax

Ok, I am trying to figure out what model alto saxophone I have. It has mother of pearl keys and the Conn is ingraved with…

5 years ago
by JonHuff (68 posts)

King Zephyr Special: Is it a good vintage horn?

I was searching through my school storage room and I found a King Zephyr Special tenor sax. I was wondering if this is a legi…

5 years ago
by KingZephyr7 (1 post)


I recently found an Evette Schaeffer Sax in my grandpa's basement and was wondering if anyone knew any information about t…

5 years ago
by stangfolife

Conn curved soprano sax

I have a Conn curved soprano sax. It appears that it was relacquered, which I know will hurt the value. I know it is playab…

5 years ago
by saxgourmet (126 posts)

Stencil Wurlitzer Low Pitch

I have a stencil Wurlitzer Low Pitch saxophone that I inherited. I researched and found that it is made by Buescher. It loo…

5 years ago
by saxsister

Troubadour Alto Saxophone


Hello Everyone,


I have just inherited a Troubadour Alto Saxophone from my grandfathe…

5 years ago
by GFC (595 posts)

Conn saxophone identification question

i have a conn tenor serialno m176820 do you know if this is a new wonder series 11 and can you help to date this


5 years ago
by GFC (595 posts)

Need help identifying Old CG Conn Alto Sax

I purchased a vintage sax at an estate sale and am curious as to the model and the age. The serial number is 60874. Accord…

5 years ago
by striker1211 (3 posts)

Help me id grandpa's sax

I recently inherited a sax from my grandfather.  I'd like to know what it is and a little about it and…

5 years ago
by GFC (595 posts)

Recently acquired Conn Sax

recently acquired Conn Baritone Saxophone (gold plated?) - looking for more info and value? Serial is 38580 which from m…

5 years ago
by SneakerHeadPhil (2 posts)

King Super 20 Alto Sax

Hi, my name is Chad. I am from Houma, LA. I recently purchased a storage unit which held a King Super 20 Alto Sax, The H.N…

5 years ago
by GFC (595 posts)

please help!!

found an old sax at an estate sale, and cant identify it. could be a conn, but not sure of date. only markings are: patd.d…

5 years ago
by GFC (595 posts)

Fix Conn or Buy Another?

I have an old Conn M275906L which I think makes it 1936 10M Bb Tenor with the lady in the window engraving.

I boug…

5 years ago
by Akua (4 posts)

True Tone Curved Neck Buescher

I inherited a 1921 serial number 98,XXX True Tone Curved Neck Buescher.. I can't really find much about this online. …

5 years ago
by Saxquest (395 posts)

My buffet tenor!!

So i was given this dust old extremely worn down tenor sax as a present. The only thing i can really see on it is its seri…

5 years ago
by GFC (595 posts)

Buescher Aristocrat

I recently bought a Buescher Aristocrat alto sax serial no. 509xxx. I was wondering if I could get the year and/or an…

5 years ago
by CharlesSax (7 posts)

Evette Schaeffer Alto sax, What should I do with it??

I have this 1890's model, which is now in a pretty bad condition and need repairment.

They say it'd cost about…

5 years ago
by avec (2 posts)

conn made martin?

did con make any horns for martin...
I ran accross a stenciled martin that looks more like a conn in the palm key ge…

5 years ago
by GFC (595 posts)
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