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My First Restoration of a 1919 Conn

Hey guys, I am restoring a saxophone for the first time. It is a 1919 Conn C-Melody. I have got it all pulled apart and am de…

5 years ago
by Raider (2 posts)

Perfacktone Soprano Sax

Have a Perfacktone Soprano Sax Serial # 55679 LP Can anyone give me more info about this sax? Age? Obviously a stencil horn…

5 years ago
by saxismyaxe (574 posts)

Conn 6M Alto Sax

Hello. I'm new to this website and new to the world of saxophones. My son will be starting to learn the instrument next week…

5 years ago
by dgallego (27 posts)

1917 King Tempo

My question is about the octave riser valve on this sax that I'm restoring. When I look inside the neck there is a 3/16" tube…

5 years ago
by troutabout (2 posts)

Buecher True tone C Mel SN & Logo

I am looking at a Buescher True tone it is I think a C-Mel (no I cant measure it at the time of this post) its SN is 139572.…

5 years ago
by Fester (2 posts)

1941 Buescher Aristocrat alto

After laying in its case since about 1950, I recently had my old alto mechanically restored. It "sounds" great. There are som…

5 years ago
by JohnWitmer (1 post)

I know it's not a Selmer!

Hi, I have aquired a vintage saxophone and have been doing some research as to it's history and value. The case says SELMER a…

5 years ago
by gr8inblack (1 post)

vintage conn alto sax??

Good evening all. I was wandering if anyone could help by giving me some info on my sax. I aquired it years ago and when I pl…

5 years ago
by saxismyaxe (574 posts)

Camelot Alto Sax

Serial # 1002. Anybody know anything? Looks pretty old. doesnt play too bad but does need some repair. trying to find some hi…

5 years ago
by Sax Appeal062 (1 post)

Richmond Alto Sax A6249, Made in Italy

Hi I bought an Alto Sax with serial number A6249, says Made in Italy and appears to be old. I can't seem to track down any in…

5 years ago
by Roger King (1 post)

1910 Lyon Healy Alto Sax

Hi. I bought a sax for my husband at an estate sale some time ago. We were curious about the vallue of our sax. We were told…

5 years ago
by CindeVH (1 post)

Buescher Soprano sax

Hi All I have a Beuscher Elkhart - IND - USA Truetone Lowpitch Soprano Sax S/N 243886 Can anyone give me any info about the…

5 years ago
by ECLAE (1 post)

Kohlert alto

Are there any Kohlert fans out there? I picked up a nickel plated alto in good condition recently and would like to know a b…

5 years ago
by Peter Chadwick (6 posts)

Orpheus Alto Sax SNo. 6936

Just came across an old silver alto in an antique shop. The only thing I saw on it is Orpheus written across the bell and the…

5 years ago
by bberman (1 post)

Lyon & Healy Tenor Low model #100830

Hi I have a Lyon & Healy Serial number 100830. Can somebody help me identify the year ? It's an American Professional Tenor…

5 years ago
by jpspen (1 post)

Big Bell Tenor

While it's no 'unicorn' for anyone out there, but I have a Cleveland Big Bell Tenor that I'm putting together because it has…

5 years ago
by kygator3 (6 posts)

Mystery F alto?

Hi! I'm trying to figure out what this saxophone is: 1 replies by jude (2 posts) 5 years ago

5 years ago
by jude (2 posts)

1922 Conn Alto Silver Saxophone

Hi everyone. I was wondering if it was possible to trace the history of a saxophone this old? It has a serial number of A 923…

5 years ago
by Akita77 (1 post)

Case question

I posted over in the repair forum, asking whether it would be better to try to repair an original case for a 6m Conn, or to t…

5 years ago
by jtf1459 (9 posts)

Hamilton Tenor Sax Czechoslovakia

Hi, I have a Hamilton Tenor Sax, Stamped "Made In Czechoslovakia" Serial number 93134 with a letter "I." in a circle under th…

5 years ago
by strudel (1 post)

1924-1925 Brescher Sax

I am trying to find a value for our Sax > > Brescher Elkhart IND > > True Tone Low Pitch > > Sn# 161496 > >

5 years ago
by bjperham (2 posts)

trying to identify a conn tenor sax

looks like the serial number is something like this M198851 D 1118854 can anyone help me out on this

5 years ago
by Orrap (3 posts)

Henri Selmer Vintage Alto Saxophone

Hi, I own a Selmer Saxophone Alto Super Action, bronze color. Serial number is 377934 supposed to be from 1948. This Saxophon…

5 years ago
by Orrap (3 posts)

Need estimate price on Silver plated Henri Selmer Soprano

Hi, I own a Selmer Saxophone Soprano Super Action, color is Silver plated and Nacre for the buttons. Serial number is 335875…

5 years ago
by Orrap (3 posts)

Couesnon Monopole Conservatoires Tenor Saxophone

I have a Couesnon Monopole Conservatoires Tenor Saxophone Model no. 4840. made at 105 Rue La Fayette, Paris. It is in fair co…

5 years ago
by elfegobaca (1 post)
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