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Barclay Tenor Sax

I have an old Barclay Tenor Sax i picked up a few years ago serial #88051. Judging by the case it was an old high school inst…

5 years ago
by Cerbin24 (2 posts)

Evette Schaeffer Tenor Sax

Can anyone tell me anything about my Evette Schaeffer Tenor Sax. The serial # is 9356 which this website dated to the 1890s.…

5 years ago
by cuber (653 posts)

American Artist Saxophone

I have an American Artist Saxophone that my Grandfather gave me years ago. The serial number is 10759. It needs some TLC and…

5 years ago
by mpsmith111 (2 posts)

mouth piece question

I have a 1917-24 Tenor Low, CG Conn Ltd. with a serial # in the 65000 range. Does using a vintage mouthpiece make a differenc…

5 years ago
by Sax Mom (964 posts)

Just wondering??

I see beginning sax players wanting to buy vintage saxophones. Wouldn't it be better for them to buy a new Yamaha or some oth…

5 years ago
by chalazon (547 posts)

A-5 yanagisawa Durado 600 alto, how much?

I haven't played my sax in about 10 years, it's been sitting in my closet this whole time. I know it's quite old, 60s or 70s…

5 years ago
by drake6k (2 posts)

NEED HELP!! I inherited a mid 60's, Buescher Aristocrat Alto Sax

It belonged to my dad, who played jazz band in High School. He seems to think he got it around 1965-66. He is asking me to se…

5 years ago
by chalazon (547 posts)

Selmer Paris Balanced Action Vintage Circa 1939

Not sure if anyone is aware of any companies willing to buy a vintage saxophone. This is the information I do know Selmer Pa…

5 years ago
by tfox215 (2 posts)

Tryting to identify saxophone

I have an old sax that was my mother's uncles. It is in a Selmer case and I am not sure if it is a Selmer on not. The only ma…

5 years ago
by TR (2 posts)

im trying to find out how old my conn is and if its worth anything

all i know is my teacher gave it to me when i was in high school about 5 years ago. it has some writing on it and it says "th…

5 years ago
by Gary51 (17 posts)

C G Conn Saxophones

For those who are looking for a good mouthpiece for your vintage Conn sax, check out Ralph Morgan. His father worked for the…

5 years ago
by Dmitro (1 post)

Super Dynaction Buffet Saxophone

Hello, I have a friend who would like more information on a saxophone marked Super Dynaction and also marked with an interwov…

5 years ago
by joycenewman (1 post)

Conn Pan American Alto Saxophone serial # 64373

let me know if this is the right place to post this; just bought it for band for my son. The serial number says it's old but…

5 years ago
by cuber (653 posts)

balanced action tenor relacq 33xxx for sale

I am trying to find out a fair price to ask for my relacquered tenor sax. very good condition plays in tune no major dents, b…

5 years ago
by tsaxme (1 post)

Holton 1920-ish? How much is it worth

I have a silver EB/alto silver Holton in the original case, serial number look up has me confused as to the year it was made.…

5 years ago
by akabu1 (1 post)

Bundy II sax - age this instrument please!

I have a Bundy II by Selmer alto that has serial number 1232251. Could anyone tell me how old this instrument is and also ho…

5 years ago
by scarter6 (9 posts)

Armstrong/Keilwerth Bari sax

I have what appears to be an Armstrong Bari Sax with Low A, but I am having trouble confirming its exact origins via its seri…

5 years ago
by dgrily (1 post)

"Penn" Alto Sax. Anybody heard of this company?

I recently got a number of vintage saxes. One is a Penn made in LA. t has the general appearace of my Martin Handcraft Mid 20…

5 years ago
by supersnail14 (3 posts)

Howard C-Melody Sax

Does anyone have any info about a C-melody sax made by a company called "Howard"? It has no left hand palm keys...very strang…

5 years ago
by frdrsjr (1 post)

Buescher sax

anybody know what a Buescher sax in D is worth 1914 model serial number 249762? where can i find more info Thanks

5 years ago
by SeanM (2 posts)

Help me Id this Sax

I have an older Tenor Saxophone. The belll only says "Made In Elkhart" number on back of Saxophone is 5509. I have pictures B…

5 years ago
by Clane (1 post)

Martin Centennial Alto Sax

I have come across a Martin Centennial Alto. It is in unbelievable condition. It has been in an attic for the past 18 years w…

5 years ago
by bandman13 (1 post)

Hawkes & Son Alto

Hope you can help. I've had fo

5 years ago
by jettelarosh (1 post)

What is my sax?

I asked before, but got no answers so I thought I would try again. I recently received an old sax that I would like to find…

5 years ago
by kmterrill (7 posts)

Buescher Aristocrat Alto 1937

I recently found this vintage sax for sale, about 1500$. This horn has been completely disassembled, cleaned, reassembled and…

5 years ago
by adetenor (68 posts)
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