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Soundquality Conn New Wonder vs Conn Naked Lady

For 25 years I played a Conn from 1919 and was always pleased with the big sound end the projection. Very clear and broad sou…

4 years ago
by Joost (1 post)

To Sell or Not To Sell . . .

I have a vintage Conn sax that I cannot play and would like to sell. I've been told it's worth a great deal, but no one has g…

4 years ago
by oberz3 (1 post)

1922 10M Conn Tenor? looking for answers!!

I have had a great old tenor saxophone for almost 20 years and have enjoyed playing it for the majority of that time. I have…

4 years ago
by connsaxman_jim (2336 posts)

Conn C Melody for sale, Exceptional Condition!

I just listed this on eBay last night and wanted to let all my friends her on Saxquest know that it's up for bids. It is a be…

4 years ago
by connsaxman_jim (2336 posts)

1970's Galtet Alto Saxophone

Hi, everybody! I nned some help! I have a line on a "Galtet" alto saxophone (the seller says 1970's). I have never heard of…

4 years ago
by Kricket31 (2 posts)

Identifying a Conn Alto

Hi everyone,i have a conn alto sax which i am unable to identify so would really appreciate any advice,the serial number is M…

4 years ago
by Saxmel (4 posts)

Buescher True Tone Sax

I am interested in buying one of the above and have read the invaluable advice in other posts, which has helped alot. My own…

4 years ago
by Aeckert (1 post)

Stolz GDR Saxophone - does anyone have information about this instrument?

Hi - I have been given a saxophone a number of years ago and I am trying to find more information about it. The engraving say…

4 years ago
by oxleyjewel (1 post)

Rather curious

I just want to know what vintage horns you guys are playing. I always find it interesting to know the strange or awesome saxe…

4 years ago
by MJC (1 post)

Old silver sax

Has anyone got any knowledge of the old American Standard sax? I recently purchased one. It needs all new pads, etc. but does…

4 years ago
by rjsaxhorn (1 post)

1931 Selmer Cigar Cutter S/N# 14334 Value?

90%+ origianl lacquer; second owner. Completely overhauled. Outstanding sound! Thoughts on what this horn is worth? Larry

4 years ago
by LarryJ (1 post)

Need Help with ID.....A good buy for $50?

So I was down at an antique shop and they have a buescher aristocrat. Its serial # is 111938 and underneath it is stamped S…

4 years ago
by cuber (653 posts)

Information on Selmer Alto age

found my old sax and wondered what year it was and if it is rare or common. The sax was purchased in the early 70's from a pr…

4 years ago
by kjgcsmith (1 post)

Con Pan American Alto 1935

With depressed octave key moving from A to G the small pad near the top opens approx 1mm before activating the closing mechan…

4 years ago
by snowflake (1 post)

selmer alto sax

hi there anyone, i just need to know some information regarding this vintage Sea Swallow Selmer alto sax with serial no. 6401…

4 years ago
by glenn2007 (2 posts)

Need help identifying Ambassador Tenor Sax

Hello, I Have just purchased a Tenor Sax that has Ambassador engraved on the bell a serial number of 46139 and Italy engraved…

4 years ago
by olafboenisch (1 post)

Help with a Yanagisawa Elimona

Hi everyone. I wonder if anybody could help me. I have recently bought a second hand Yanagisawa Elimona soprano saxophone. It…

4 years ago
by maggielou (1 post)

need info on vintage pan-am tenor

hi, i have a pan american tenor for sale, i am trying to find out info so i can give a good description on it to sell it. it…

4 years ago
by peacegecko (1 post)

mouthpiece for buescher 400 tenor

whats a good mouthpiece for a '65 buescher 400 tenor? Would a Morgan 7E or 7EL be a better match?

4 years ago
by greenpasture (2 posts)

Conn Chu Berry C-Melody

Hey, I've been looking for a vintage sax and I ran across a Conn Chu Berry C-Melody. He is offering $450 for it but it needs…

4 years ago
by cuber (653 posts)

1939 Buescher Aristocrat Tenor

Hi all just wondering if anyone have had any expierences with such a horn I am thinking of purchasing a 1939 Tenor Buescher i…

4 years ago
by kylkrstng (1 post)

1928 York alto question

I came across a 1928 York alto saxophone and purchased it for what I think was a steal at $400. I checked the serial number w…

4 years ago
by dee13 (1 post)


hello everyone,i need some help to identify my sax worth . i have a Lyon & Healy TROJAN serial number is 56037 i found some…

4 years ago
by Arturas (2 posts)

Vintage Buescher Saxophone - need help identifying

Hello, I have a Buescher Saxophone gold laquer. I believe it is a tenor. The serial number is 48198 and beneath that is 30A.…

4 years ago
by Conn-man (11 posts)

Conn "Shooting Star" Alto with Strange Serial #

Folks, I found an old Conn-USA "shooting star". Strange thing is the serial number is only 4-digits. Serial number is 6212. N…

4 years ago
by rickyraveon (1 post)
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