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New Vintage Jazz Horn

Hey. I've been doing some research on good jazz horns. "The Martin", "Magna" by Martin, and the King "Super 20" are all horns…

11 years ago
by SaxDru (3 posts)

What is my Conn Sax worth?

I have this Conn sax. It has been refinished and the leather hole covers have been removed. What is this sax worth. It is abo…

11 years ago
by forjonny (3 posts)

Hoosier Peddler nickel plated serial number 92472

Any one know what it is worth and if it is worth restoring? How old is it?

11 years ago
by warehousebob1 (1 post)

Silver Wurlitzer Sax

I was wondering if anyone has any dating info on old wurlitzer sax'. I have a Silver Wurli American Tenor. Neck and hor numbe…

11 years ago
by sax_maniac (984 posts)

1956 Conn 6M Alto Sax

I just bought a 1956 Conn 6M recently in great condition.I have my tech going over it to get it in top playing condition.I am…

11 years ago
by jeff99 (5 posts)

C-Melody Mouthpiece?

Does anyone know where i can find one? i have an old mystery brand c-melody sax that, if i ever get it working, i will need a…

11 years ago
by saxismyaxe (574 posts)

Herges saxaphone

Anyone ever heard of a Herges Saxaphone?

11 years ago
by luigidk (2 posts)

1904 Conn Soprano questions

A trumpet playing friend pulled out his grandad's old Soprano and asked me if I was interested in it. I'm more of a tenor pla…

11 years ago
by SaxMan (559 posts)

Slide Saxophones

Hello, I was wondering if anybody knows of any slide saxophones other than the ones made by: Cleveland, Lyon and Healy, Reiff…

11 years ago
by SaxMan (559 posts)

FX Hüller Baritone Sax

hi, has anyone some info about (f.ex. serials) of FX Hüller saxophones, i am able to buy a FX Hüller Champion baritone saxo…

11 years ago
by Fantys (1 post)

Super Balanced Action vs. Balanced Action tenor sax

How is it possible to know if a horn is one model or the other? i mean, SBA(s) and BA'(s) are not labeled as such on the horn…

11 years ago
by srr (3 posts)

Anyone know a way of restoring laquer to a old sax???

Hey everyone! My cleavland altois preyyt scratched up. Any ideas on how to restore its laquer? Thanks

11 years ago
by cfsatb (11 posts)

Any info on this bari would be greatly appreciated.

I'm a bari player, and on my first day of high school the very first thing I did was find out how many baris that my school h…

11 years ago
by cfsatb (11 posts)

inexpensive vintage saxes- anyone know where I can find one?

Hi, does anyone know where I can find an inexpensive vintage saxophone? I am a middle school student and just got into the ja…

11 years ago
by cfsatb (11 posts)

müller (swiss) & desidera (italian)

anyone have any info on these 2 saxophones? müller is a bent soprano, desidera is art deco alto. thanks a lot.

11 years ago
by oorwullie (21 posts)

Stone Co Master tenor sax- query

I have aquired a tenor sax- Stone Co- Master- Salt Lake City. serial # 23550. I was told it was made by Martin. Does anyone k…

11 years ago
by Jill (1 post)

american knight saxophones

can anyone give me any information on this alto sax. it was bought used around 1963.

11 years ago
by SelmerParisPassion (59 posts)

Looking for info on a Buescher Alto Sax - S/N 16035 - 20A?

Can anyone here please tell me if this particular Sax is something I should consider having worked on so that my daughter can…

11 years ago
by goaf1968 (2 posts)

buescher aristocrat # 273645 Factory gold, How much?

I've got a rare factory gold 1936 Buescher Aristocrat Alto, True Tone Low Pitch. Serial is 273645. It's got pearl keys and is…

11 years ago
by jethrobodean (1 post)

Looking for a 10M Sax case

I've just acquired a Conn 10M tenor, about 1954, and I'm looking for a good case for it. It has the bell pad cups on the left…

11 years ago
by FredCDobbs (77 posts)

what year is my bundy tenor?

I've had this horn since the late 70s, and I think my parents purchased it used. I ended up a bassist, and never really picke…

11 years ago
by thattenorplayer (18 posts)

Noblet Tenor Sax information

I have purchased a Noblet Tenor Sax ser# 9266. Noblet-Paris on the bell. Looks to have good pads. Can anyone tell me the qual…

11 years ago
by johnsonfromwisconsin (767 posts)

Keeping brass off the hands.

I just aquired a great Buescher 400 that has no finish on it. It has been played this way for quite some time by the former o…

11 years ago
by chiamac (586 posts)

Is my saxophone worth anything?

I recently had a friend tell me people collect old saxophones. And that mine may be of value. I put it up on ebay it, since i…

11 years ago
by Sax Mom (964 posts)

selmer modele 26

A friend has asked us to find a value on a horn he inherited. It is a selmer paris horn purchased in europe decades ago. Silv…

11 years ago
by saxwife (4 posts)
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