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Oliver Ditson Sax???

I have an old sax, I fiquare at least 75 years old. It has no brand name on it. In the scroll work on the front it says"Made…

3 years ago
by alejoalb54 (1 post)

C.G. Cobb Naked Lady Serial Number 80280

Hi i inherited this early C.G. Conn saxophone with a naked lady on it.

Was hoping someone could give me a value in…

3 years ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (125 posts)

selmer mark vi sparkle lacquer

Hello, can anyone help with this please.

I have a (very nice) selmer mark vi alto, 123XXX which has sparkle lac…

3 years ago
by cmestephen

Selmer 'Cigar cutter' Alto 1932

Hi I have a H. Selmer Alto sax (made in Paris) number 16036. It was shipped to the UK as it was sold by Hawkes of Piccadil…

3 years ago
by Thiuhie (1 post)

Need help to evaluate a vintage tenor sax


My uncle just gave me a tenor sax "arta guban luxor solo". It´s a romanian brand quite old.. 1920 or so.…

3 years ago
by alexdanield

Lewin tenor sax

Hello saxfans, I have a Lewin low-pitch tenor sax, made in the USA, that my son bought. I can't find any info about this on…

3 years ago
by csax-uk (2 posts)


Hi people saw a very interesting tenor sax silver alloy lots of designs pattern and what looks like a big no.13 on bell ca…

3 years ago
by mikeess

Pan Am Alto

Hi all
need help in dating a recent purchase. A Pan American Alto. Ser. No. 155024 has the one side bell keys. It is…

3 years ago
by 58M (1 post)

C.G.Cobb -Naked lady 6m

I have a "39"  6m   Naked lady  alto sax (that was given to me by my cousin, It used to be his fathers…

3 years ago
by Saxquest (399 posts)

American Professional Alto Sax

I just bought American Professional Alto Saxophone. Does anyone know anything about this, I think it is by Martin s/n# 183…

3 years ago
by king alto (4 posts)

Need info on vintage Bari

I've had this bari since I was in middle school and recently it made its way back to me. Was hoping someone could possibly…

3 years ago
by GFC (623 posts)

Bundy special Alto Sax

Pretty sure this has been asked a thousand times but here goes...

My son is going into the 6th grade and asked…

3 years ago
by GFC (623 posts)

C Melody Sax

I recently obtained a C-melody saxophone from a friend of mine, but have no idea who manufactured it. This is all the info…

3 years ago
by GFC (623 posts)

Buesher Aristocrat Value

I was able to find the year but not the value, it was made in 1923-24 and the serial number is 113456-533, I maybe selling…

3 years ago
by GFC (623 posts)

just found out my sax is vintage

someone, please help. I just found out my sax #157143

was built in 1925 needs work but still plays

it is a…

3 years ago
by GFC (623 posts)

Just picked up a Martin soprano!

So I picked up a Martin soprano sax handcraft with the serial number 56125. The finish has worn, but I think the tarnish l…

3 years ago
by saxoffender

very old tenor alfred bohn

Hello everybody,
I recently bought  this tenor sax. Does anyone here know anything about this kind of horn? For…

3 years ago
by MAHA1

Selmer Mark VI baritone

I have a Selmer Mark VI baritone in it's original case and in good condition, although it has not been played in years. Wh…

3 years ago
by Saxquest (399 posts)

278xxx The Buescher Aristocrat Price?

Hello I dont know much about saxophones. But I have had one laying around was wondering how much it was worth. This is all…

3 years ago
by Saxquest (399 posts)

Bluescher alto

High y'all.

I have just discovered an alto sax I had forgotten I had. I know it was played professionally back…

3 years ago
by moragburton (2 posts)

Identifying My Tenor

Well my #s read 90697 which my research says it is a 1928 to 29 martin  omly thing is it matches none of the picks I…

3 years ago
by GFC (623 posts)

Buescher Aristocrat Alto

I was hoping I could consult the collective wisdom concerning the Buescher Aristocrat Alto saxophone. There's currently one l…

3 years ago
by xpharisee (1 post)

Martin sax


Greetings all,
I recently acquired a Martin sax serial # 36034. I know nothing about…

3 years ago
by ajgarcia090 (2 posts)

Unknown silver tenor

Really baffled as to what this saxophone is. Anyone have any ideas ? Serial #B02417 
to me it looks like a Selme…

3 years ago
by StuntmanCanada

Buescher alto neck with a signature

I have a 1925 Buescher True Tone alto saxophone, with a "1" neck. On the left side of the neck near the cork is a name eng…

3 years ago
by jon henri (19 posts)
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