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C.G. Conn alto Sax

Hi- my dad gave my son an alto sax that sat in the shed for 20 years. I brought it to a music shop to possibly put it in work…

4 years ago
by SQwithme (3 posts)

vintage mouthpiece identification

What mouthpiece do I have? I found it in the case with my vintage buescher saxophone and would like to know what brand it is…

4 years ago
by chevy4ever (1 post)

appraisal for sax my grandfather left me

My Grandfather left me a saxophone. I am trying to find it's value. It is a Orpheum de Luxe 18349 Italy. Looking for any info…

4 years ago
by saxxy123 (1 post)

Conn Ltd Alto Sax

We have a Conn Ltd Alto Sax that is probably from the 1930's? Model 26MVIII 295801L. It was in working condition as little as…

4 years ago
by Tracie (1 post)

Yanagisawa 8833

I have this vintage Sax. Rarely used. Would like to know what price I can get, if I sell it?? Is there a special market place…

4 years ago
by Sylvia (1 post)

Yanagisawa Tenor Sax--Need Info

I have a Yanagisawa Tenor Sax I'm wanting to sell and I'm looking for information on it so I can determine what it might be w…

4 years ago
by dgnielson (2 posts)

Identify a CONN Sax help

Hi, I have a Conn Sax - not sure if it's an old one or not - so any help apreciated!. On the fron it has an engraving (flowe…

4 years ago
by Mandagorn (1 post)

1924 Conn Soprano

Hi, I would like to find some more info about my Conn Straight Soprano. Its has a silver finish and plays well. It has these…

4 years ago
by Tareq (1 post)

Conn Bari serial #63136/No high F or low A

Hi, If anyone has any info about this horn, I just came into possession of one. Not in playing condition, needs overhaul. If…

4 years ago
by gildelbosque (1 post)

Vintage King Curved Soprano

I have a nice one listed for sale if anyone is interested. Hoping it can find a good home for someone that can really play it…

4 years ago
by jonesie (1 post)

Dean Tenor Saxophone Serial Number 65201

Hello there. I consider myself a bit of a novice with overall saxophone brand and styles. I am a sax player who has played fo…

4 years ago
by coxinator69 (1 post)

Antique/Vintage CHAMPLAIN Saxophone HELP PLEASE!

I have the same problem that I saw another poster had, I found an antique or vintage Champlain branded saxophone at an estate…

4 years ago
by ereselling (1 post)

CA Wunderlich

Im looking for info on this type of saophone,the saxophone says ca wunderlich siebenbrunn vogtl cea,anything would help.

4 years ago
by springer (1 post)

Lyon healy

I have a Lyon Healy saxophone serial number 12909. I was wondering what year this was from? Or any other information you can…

4 years ago
by klhanson (1 post)

1985 Yanagisawa 880 alto

Hi everyone! I just picked up a sweet Yanagisawa alto that is stamped 880. From the serial number, it would date to around 19…

4 years ago
by jonah.henry (1 post)

Sax-Master Saxophones

Hi everyone. I ran across an old Sax-Master saxophone. I know nothing about them and was wondering if anyone out there could…

5 years ago
by Pool guy (2 posts)

Martin Neck Octave Pad

I recently acquired a Martin Handcraft Committee s/n 121xxx. The pad on the neck octave is not leather but cork. Was this sta…

5 years ago
by Barney (1 post)

1971 Selmer Mark VI Alto sax

I inherited a Selmer Mark VI Alto Sax from my brother after his death. The serial number is 193067, which I looked up and it…

5 years ago
by Saxquest (360 posts)

Conn Alto...dunno...

I have stumbled across an Alto sax that has the following information on the back, and I have decoded most of it, but unfortu…

5 years ago
by dgallego (27 posts)


one of my horns (Mark VI) has a bad looking laquer: it blisters and peels off. Does anyone have experience with taking the la…

5 years ago
by johnnybrock (2 posts)

CONN Soprano (approx 1915)

I inherited a vintage saxophone from my brother. It is a CONN soprano sax serial number S 32358 L (Factory 34), which is from…

5 years ago
by dgallego (27 posts)

Vintage Buescher 400 Alto - #307568 - Where do I start???

I just purchased a vintage Buescher 400 at an auction and I want to start playing. I used to play the clarinet fairly well an…

5 years ago
by lanvaettir (1 post)

1917 conn bari

I have a 1917 silver Conn bari in pretty good shape, VERY FEW body dents. Has been sprayed GOLD laquer. Is it worth the work…

5 years ago
by saxismyaxe (574 posts)

Need Info on C. G. Conn Alto Sax

I now own my father's alto sax that he played for over 70 years until his death in 2002 at the age of 90. He played it in hig…

5 years ago
by dgallego (27 posts)

Selmer Tenor Mark vii

I have just purchased a tenor mark vii from a very very reputable source. This sax is being custom adjusted for me and is bei…

5 years ago
by johnnybrock (2 posts)
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