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A Nickle Plated C. G. Conn but what year?

Can anyone tell me what year this was made and if it's a Tenor or a C melody Sax. Its a C G Conn Pan American but I can't…

12 months ago
by Santa (3 posts)

Buescher Soprano Sax

Hey Guys, 

I am trying to find an estimated worth on a sax I have. It's a 1906 or 1907 Harwood Professiona…

1 year ago
by SaxBunnie

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1 year ago
by graham22

c melody sax

Hi- I'm new to the site, and am about to start sax lessons soon(at 65 you need to keep the rust off your brain). &nbs…

1 year ago
by GFC (359 posts)

Need info

I have a Martin Indiana Tenor Sax in pretty good condition with the serial number showing as 57330.  Any idea of…

1 year ago
by GFC (359 posts)

Martin Vs King

Help me out here, dear colleagues: I am relatively new to the sax world, playing a bit less than one year. After using a g…

1 year ago
by Saxquest (312 posts)

Saxaphone Patent # 1119954; 0; 76102; L

Any information on this Sax. I don't know anything about its history or Sax's in general. Any help will be appreciated.

1 year ago
by 19chili45

Grafton sax

Hi All bit new to this. I am not a sax player more the guitar but have a family sax which i would like to vaule for insura…

1 year ago
by saxismyaxe (574 posts)

Market value for 1960 Selmar Mark VI and Mazzeo Clarinet

I need some assistance on putting a value on my Selmer tenor sax Mark VI and Selmer Mazzeo clarinet set. The saxophone ser…

1 year ago
by getwired (3 posts)

Holton Collegiate I Tenor

Last week, my son bought a Collegiate I tenor. My research so far says that it was made in 1929-1930 by Couturier after th…

1 year ago
by bbrandha

Old Conn - help

I have an old Conn that I played years ago. Now, my son wants to play, and I'd like to tell him something about it. I look…

1 year ago
by turtlejimmy (14 posts)

1914 gold plated conn serial 211646

My father has a saxophone that belong to my great grandfather that I wanted to find out more information on it is a gold p…

1 year ago
by kelsey (802 posts)

Conn Gold Plated Tenor

I just had a quick question. I have an opportunity to buy a super-rare Art Deco gold plated Conn tenor sax. What is the va…

1 year ago
by birdlover (40 posts)

Selmer Alto Balanced Action or Super Balanced Transitional Horn?

I have had a lady bring in an old Selmer Paris alto that is in great condition overall, an attic find that belonged to her…

1 year ago
by Kirkwood (6 posts)

Important question on a Conn

Hi, I am going to see a Conn that is for sale. I asked for the serial number and the seller hesitated. He said it is worn…

1 year ago
by GFC (359 posts)

HN White King alto saxophone

Recently I won a 1925 (?) H.N. White alto sax on eBay for $200.  Original case, mouthpiece, leather neckstrap, and ev…

1 year ago
by marci (3 posts)

Seeking Value of my New Hand-me-Down

I have recently acquired a saxophone which bares a floral design (1922) and stamp which reads Made By Frank Holt…

1 year ago
by GFC (359 posts)

Lecon Saxophone

Hi does anybody know who made the Sax Lecon.
It look a bit like Conn and have some Conn details but the star is missi…

1 year ago
by Frank Sax

conn pan american sax

my father recently gave my daughter a conn pan american sax made in elkhart indiana. the serial number is 33729. it is silver…

1 year ago
by saxgourmet (108 posts)

Need information on a new purchase

Can anybody provide information on a Conn Shooting Star with a serial number 686732? This is all the information I've got.…

1 year ago
by GFC (359 posts)

Need help with identification

Hello everyone,

I have not played since high school 30 years ago, when I played an alto sax.  I purchased…

1 year ago
by Hammuh (4 posts)

Local help needed with future purchase of a Tenor

I am seriously considering getting a sax for my very good friend's daughter.  She is a very gifted young lady who has…

1 year ago
by kelsey (802 posts)

Conn Tenor Saxophone

A friend of mine gave an old Conn tenor sax. I don't know much about it. It reads:

PATD DEC 8, 1914

1 year ago
by GFC (359 posts)

Buescher Aristocrat Sax

Hi everyone. My parents bought this sax at an auction and I'm trying to figure out how old it is and if it could be worth…

1 year ago
by GFC (359 posts)

Newbie Looking for ID Help !

Hello, as stated before I am new and know very little about saxs. I was hoping someone could help me out in identifying th…

1 year ago
by dlockwood51 (2 posts)
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