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What's the differance between Tenor Selmer II and III

I played a mark VI for about 20 yrs. I sold it and went without a horn for about 3 yrs. A few years ago I bought new Selmer I…

12 years ago
by jameshale (1 post)

Transcribing is fun!

I just got done doing Lester Youngs solo from lady be good (1939). God that was fun. I have to start transcribing some more t…

12 years ago
by eman19 (131 posts)

favorite alto players

who and why?

12 years ago
by eman19 (131 posts)

Berkly Jazz Fest 2004

Any one out there going to the high school jazz comp. at Berkly this year?

12 years ago
by karebear1012 (395 posts)

Looking for a Mouthpiece for a Dexter Gordon sound

I'm looking for a mouthpiece that can (help) give that amazing dexter gordon tone, and also work when working for a getz soun…

12 years ago
by saxophoneplayingistight (13 posts)

Keilwerth Tenor Saxes

Hey what does everyone think of Keilwerth tenor and bari saxes. I have been playing a couf superba 1 bari for two years now a…

12 years ago
by jazzsaxman1988 (2 posts)

Jazzin' Up Your Sounds!!

O.K. I am only a freshman in high school this year, but i really want to learn some of those wicked jazzy sounds, like bendin…

12 years ago
by saxguy9345 (21 posts)

Learning Jazz

Can someone give me some good advice for playing jazz for the first time.I'm in middle school

12 years ago
by Firk (31 posts)

best baris

i play bari and i have a series II which i love but i havent played many vintage baris which do you like and for what...most…

12 years ago
by BariSaxplyr (35 posts)

Anyone got any opinions on the Cannonball horns?!

I've been looking for an upgrade in horns from an old buescher that i have outgrown and look at many choices, but just need s…

12 years ago
by BariSaxplyr (35 posts)

Jazz Swing/Blues CDs

Hey im wondering if anyone can give me titles of CDs that have good swing charts with saxophone solosections to get ideas abo…

12 years ago
by Gumptious (40 posts)

It's a journey with no desination

One of the wonderful things about music, is it's a journey with no destination. I don't think you ever really "get there." On…

12 years ago
by jazzax (30 posts)

Sonny Rollins Before and After

I'm feeling really out there. I hate to admit that I didn't know old Sonny Rollins was still walking the planet. For some rea…

12 years ago
by Dave36251 (8 posts)

Books and albums

It's christmas time, and I'm looking to get into sax more. Can anyone recommend some albums to get? Also books that focus on…

12 years ago
by InstantLunch (30 posts)

2005 NASA Region 3 Conference

The North American Saxophone Alliance is pleased to announce the 2005 NASA Region 3 Conference to be held on the campus of Dr…

12 years ago
by jromain (20 posts)

Jazz sound

how do i get a dark and mellow sound of an alto sax? and is meyer 6, vandoren zz reed, with rovner ligature good for jazz pla…

12 years ago
by kneejerk52 (397 posts)

Pricing on Tenor Sax?

-Brand New High Quality Tenor Saxophone -Brand Name - Allan -This instrument is the latest 2004 Model and not last years mode…

12 years ago
by johnsonfromwisconsin (767 posts)


Hey, I was just wondering if anyone at this site ever went to an Essentially Ellington competition in New York. If so, when,…

12 years ago
by barimachine (323 posts)

which real book to buy?

Hey guys. Xmas is coming up and i was wondering which real book or fake book you guys reccomend first?

12 years ago
by barimachine (323 posts)

New To Sax, Need Advice.

Hi everyone, I was looking for info on the Sax and came across this site.. Its been really informative! Im a bass trombone p…

12 years ago
by Selmer Fan88 (15 posts)

Custom Mouthpiece

I've just bought the YAS-82Z (great sax!), and I've tried the Yamaha Custom 4CM mouthpiece. And I feel the 4CM is great when…

12 years ago
by Marius (6 posts)

Reed Help

for choosing a reed, is it wider the opening of the mouthpiece, the number for the reed is lower?

12 years ago
by duoheer (15 posts)

Martin Coutier La Pointe?

Hello everyone, I'm on the market for a new sax and have been looking on ebay. I came across a 'vintage martin' sax but all t…

12 years ago
by Quintillion977 (1 post)

Smooth Jazz

Can a style such as "smooth" be more difficult to play than say band music?

12 years ago
by John Coltrane (84 posts)

Advice On Tenor Mouthpieces

I am looking to buy a new mouthpiece for my tenor, but I'm not exactly sure what to get. I'm looking for something that's mor…

12 years ago
by johnny_hodges (15 posts)
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