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Gordon Goodwin transcriptions

Hey guys ( and girls) I was wondering if any of you had either transcribed any solos on either of the GG Big Phat Band cd's…

9 years ago
by Solzano (2 posts)

Recommendations: jazz mouthpiece for an alto Cannonball?

Unfortunately, I broke my mouthpiece on the way to a gig. I'm playing nothing but jazz right now, and I've always kind of wan…

9 years ago
by CountSpatula (602 posts)


How does a performer go about getting an endorsment from a company that's big on that kind of thing (like Yamaha or Vondoren)…

9 years ago
by STEVE GOODSON (291 posts)

Gordon Goodwin's Big Phat Band

What is your favorite song(s) that Gordon Goodwin's Big Phat Band plays? I'm talking all 3 of his CD's. I like Swingin' For T…

9 years ago
by saxophone2001 (31 posts)

Celebrity Deathmatch - Adderley vs. Parker

Hey everyone. Lately I have been listening to a lot of Adderley and I've come to notice how rich his tone was. However, I thi…

9 years ago
by newreedsyndrome (343 posts)

Now's The Time

Does anyone know where I can find a transcription of Bird's solo on Now's the Time (Verve). I transcribed it and I want to ch…

9 years ago
by Seano (132 posts)

My jazz solo and question (Yanagisawa mouthpiece ! )

I play solo in "Recorda-me" Joe Henderson , but I have problems with low register . 1 replies by pirni (1 post) 9 years ago

9 years ago
by The Insomniac Saxman (141 posts)

Soprano Saxophone - Epistrophy Video

I put a video on youtube playing epistrophy. Let me know what you think:

9 years ago
by bigred (43 posts)

Meyers or Vandorens?

I am joining jazzband and will also be playing in the concert band as well and i need to know which mouthpiece would suit my…

9 years ago
by The Insomniac Saxman (141 posts)

Something for Fun and Finger Dexterity

I have seen so many opinions on theory and improviastion that I want to talk about something else. I have two scales that are…

9 years ago
by jamterry (573 posts)

Difference between Jumbo Javas??

Hi guys, i am a freshman in school, starting out in the High School Jazz ensemble, i've never played jazz before. I"ve been u…

9 years ago
by SaxNoob (19 posts)

Which size Meyer mouthpiece to get?

Hello, I have a Yamaha alto YAS-62II and am currently shopping for a jazz mouthpiece. I m pretty set on a Meyer, as I have he…

9 years ago
by The Insomniac Saxman (141 posts)

Programs to slow song for transcription?

I need to transcribe Sonny Rollins' solo on Tenor Madness for my lessons, but there are just some notes I can't make out beca…

9 years ago
by aznewt (1 post)

real book

i have heard about CD's with all of the real books on it. i am looking to see where i might be able to download it off the in…

9 years ago
by martysax (148 posts)

The Phat Pack

Hey everyone. I just picked up the new Big Phat Band CD called The Phat Pack. I was wondering if anyone else has had the oppo…

9 years ago
by jivepatrol (1 post)

trying to develop specific sound

The other day I was playing with some other students, and the sound the tenor player had developed seemed like exactly what I…

9 years ago
by knorter (205 posts)

Yamaha Special Edition

I went to a workshop some months ago and tried out a Yamaha Special Edition Alto Saxophone. It was a very beautiful instrumen…

9 years ago
by swingstreet (315 posts)

New Meyer VS old Meyer

OKay, so I recently got a New York Meyer mouthpiece. It has a '4' carved on the top, so I'm guessing it's a 4 sized chamber.…

9 years ago
by gottydot (41 posts)

Practicing Tips, anyone?

Hello everybody! I am currently enrolled in a Doctoral program in a subject unrelated to jazz, so it's like a full-time job.…

9 years ago
by The Insomniac Saxman (141 posts)

Tongue in cheek

Hey everyone. I've heard from various sources that some of the jazz giants do and did use a form of tonguing where their toun…

9 years ago
by GeneraloftheSaxArmy (4 posts)

Rico Jazz Select:?? Sizes??

Okay, so i want to try rico jazz select reeds but i dont understand the sizes. Could someone please tell me what would be abo…

9 years ago
by napas14 (24 posts)

reeds & mouthpieces: what the deal?

ok, so i'm kinda new; can someone please tell me what the deal is with different reed strengths and mouthpiece sizes? eg, is…

9 years ago
by connsaxman_jim (2336 posts)


I've found two fingerings that will allow me to pruduce 8 or more identifiable notes at once. One is -23-23 low Bb and Eb. Th…

9 years ago
by Bollen (39 posts)

Odean Pope Saxophone Choir

What are your thoughts on the album Locked and Loaded by Odean Pope?

9 years ago
by newreedsyndrome (343 posts)

Boots is Freakin' crazy!

Hey everybody! Has anyone ever heard the song Yakety Sax by Boots Randolph. I first heard it on our local news station. They…

9 years ago
by kennyj (24 posts)
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