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What Concertos would your recommend? I am planning on auditioning for a few Concerto/Aria competitions, and I'm new to the Co…

11 years ago
by OANegrin (26 posts)

How can I get a good classical tone?

I play a Mark VI bari and normally play in jazzbands, but recently decided to go "legit" for a while. Problem is, my director…

12 years ago
by Face (11 posts)

Improvisation et caprice recording.

I'm playing this for a competition in may, and having an mp3 of the song would really help. Does anyone know where I could fi…

12 years ago
by InstantLunch (30 posts)

T. Sax rep

What do you see as the "necessary" pieces that a classical Tenor play should know? Not the ones that might be held in any sor…

12 years ago
by jromain (20 posts)

Dukoff Metal Tenor mouthpiece... HELP!!!

I've just bought a DUkoff mouthpiece yet I don't seem to have much control over the tone and teh squeaks. I'm used to a stand…

12 years ago
by definition (963 posts)

actual notes of Sax Solo

I have just begun playing sax in a living room band and we have begun to cover Steely Dan's Dirty Work. I am trying to figure…

12 years ago
by x_russian_x (1 post)

Beginner saxophone

Hi. first timer user. Just found the site today. I have a hypothetical question. A friend of mine has a 10 year old son who i…

12 years ago
by Face (11 posts)

arrangement of the ibert concertino????

Hello, I'm a belgian classical saxophoneplayer and within a few months, I have the opportunity to play solo with a symphoni…

12 years ago
by splentie (1 post)

buying a soprano

I'm interested in buying a soprano. I am an experienced sax player, having majored in music, but my career took me elsewhere…

12 years ago
by tenor562 (297 posts)

Distances Within Me

I'm just looking for some discussion on this piece. Analysis? Affect? Purpose? Meaning? Wha'da y'all think?

12 years ago
by phathorn (165 posts)

College Audition Help

Hi. . . I am an aspiring young jazz tenor player preparing for college auditions. Though I am applying for jazz performance p…

12 years ago
by mintyfreshjam (48 posts)

Where to find real saxophone talk.

Honestly, 90 percent of the forums in contain misguided information of people who find their information online…

12 years ago
by saxman0317 (53 posts)

Eccles Sonata Recording

Hi, I have an audition coming up and am working on the Sonata for Alto Sax and Piano by Henri Eccles (arr. Sigurd Rascher). D…

12 years ago
by InstantLunch (30 posts)

2005 NASA Region 3 Conference

The North American Saxophone Alliance is pleased to announce the 2005 NASA Region 3 Conference to be held on the campus of Dr…

12 years ago
by jromain (20 posts)

Reference 54 Questions

Has anyone played the Reference 54 saxes? I want to look into one, but I'm not sure if they are worth it or not. Any info wou…

12 years ago
by Goldref18 (145 posts)

Rousseau mouthpieces?

Any opinions about the Rousseau new classic mouthpieces for alto? I currently play a selmer S90-190... I'm thinking about try…

12 years ago
by bronzemonkey992 (22 posts)

Selmer Scroll Shanks

Does anybody have an opinion on wheter the vintage scrolls are more for classical or jazz. Thanks

12 years ago
by tickneither (4 posts)

Addendum to "Beginner Saxaphone"

I found out that the Selmer is an AS 300. Is that a beginner mod and is it a good one? thanks, Elmer

12 years ago
by Elmer (2 posts)

Mussorgsky's The Old Castle - my recording

If anyone's interested, I knocked out a decent recording of "The Old Castle" in my studio today. I'd be happy to send it for…

12 years ago
by SteamyHotSax (4 posts)

larry teal's art of saxophone playing

Is this book up to date. Its about 40 years old. Is the breathing info. right on or has there been new developments? By the…

12 years ago
by sax_maniac (984 posts)

Ryo Noda

Hello, I am doing a recitle in a few weeks and performing the Ryo Noda Improvisation II and I am looking for some informatio…

12 years ago
by wamphyri (1 post)

David Maslanka Sax Pieces

Hello, Has anybody heard of David Maslanka? The four pieces I have heard of his that pertain to saxophone: Mountain Roads fo…

12 years ago
by saxguy9345 (21 posts)


One of the best saxophone players I have heard is undoubtedly Ed Fraedrich. His tone is sonrous and full of depth and is cert…

12 years ago
by SATBSaxRH (11 posts)

Mpc-lig combo for broad dark sound

I have been playing the alto for 2 years and recently purchased a Yamaha tenor 62 series III. I am a soloist and prefer a bro…

12 years ago
by Saxoplayer (2 posts)

Creston Concerto

Hi all. I'm new to the saxquest world. I'm having problems finding a recording of the Creston Concerto. I've got the Sonata b…

12 years ago
by wianno (2 posts)
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