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11 years ago


My dad bought a saxophone for me a few years ago on ebay.. being young and having never picked up a sax, I didn't know at the time that this probably wasn't the smartest way of going about buying a sax, but it's done now. Luckily, the saxophone has a lovely sound and has never given me any trouble. It even had (well, still does have) an extra key that made it possible for me to reach F#, whereas all my fellow tenor saxophone players could only reach an F. But now that my band days are over, I was just wondering who on earth made my saxophone, what the model is, its history, etc. The case, and an engraving on the horn, says "Tanaka". That's all I really know about the saxophone. A search on google hasn't produced anything of consequence. Anyone ever heard of this brand? Any help would be appreciated.

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