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by jerry_byerly
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10 years ago

Buescher from 1962

I purchased a 62 model Buescher Tenor Sax for my son. He says that because its old it is crap. I play Tuba and variuos string instruments and often older is better. He says there is a problem with the G sharp and f sharp keys. They do not go down all the way? Is this pads or corks? Do we need to look for a new horn, or is this quality suitable for a student, after repadding, etc? Help!!! Distraught father in need. Thanks Please reply to

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  1. by johnsonfromwisconsin
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    10 years ago

    Re: Buescher from 1962

    It's hard to say what's wrong without more details or an image of the problem areas. Take it to a woodwind technician and he/she'll be able to tell you what's wrong with it. Bueschers from that year were solid intruments.

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  2. by Donnie The B
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    9 years ago

    Re: Buescher from 1962

    What model is your Buescher? Some models of that vintage are highly sought after - tell your son - as THE rock 'n' roll horn. A lot of times when a sax has been around a long time it will need a bit of repair to the keywork. Rods can become loose, springs can be disconnected or broken and etc. The trick is to find a qualified sax technician in your area. You might want to pose a new question here on that subject - to see if anyone knows somebody. Incidently a full set of pads should be around $200 these days, or $300 with all new felts and corks. - - - - Good Luck.

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