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by Dark Eyes
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8 years ago


Hey everyone, its been a long while since I last posted. I have been taking a break from the saxophone to concentrate on my studies. Anyways, I was just sitting at my desk trying to tackle some calculus so I popped in some Coltrane. I got to listening and I was just amazed. It really made me appreciate the saxophone as an instrument (even more so than I usually do). The song that made me stop was a take of Countdown from Coltrane's Giant Steps. Great song! Then, however, I changed cd's and put in his greatest hits and out blasted his Love Supreme. I don't know what it is about this song (or should I say series of songs) but I cannot stand it. It just seems annoying to me, nothing like his earlier records such as Giant Steps or Blue Trane. I was just wondering why everyone thought that this (A Love Supreme) was such a special piece. What makes it enjoyable to the ears. Please enlighten me because my eardrums are bleeding. Dark Eyes (unloved thesis)

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  1. by yotengotenor
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    8 years ago

    Re: Coltrane!?!

    you know what, i was extremely similar. i haven't listened to love supreme in a long time, but i got that CD as a birthday gift about 2 years ago. i popped it in and i hated it. absolutely did not understand why people thought it was so great. over the next 2 years, whenever i hear people talk about how great coltrane was, i think "why." i then got his giant steps CD for a christmas gift this year, and oh my word. completely different than what i was expecting. i couldn't stop listening to it. giant steps, countdown, Mr PC, i love em all. sorry i can't answer your question. ive been wondering the same thing myself. although i need to find love supreme and give it another listen before i make final judgments on this

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    1. by mjohnnie
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      7 years ago

      Re: Coltrane!?!

      It is very difficult to study to ALS. It's meant to be listened to, not as a background to studying. Giant Steps is an exercise, ALS is expressing a spritual feeling. Also, try to look at it in an historical perspective. It was recorded in 1964. There was a lot of stuff going on in '64 that wasn't in '59.

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