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by LMB123
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10 years ago

Jean Baptiste JB900AS Alto Sax

Help! I'm shopping for an alto

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  1. by LMB123
    (4 posts)

    9 years ago

    Updated Plan

    I've decided the Jean Baptiste is not a good instrument and narrowed my choices to 1) Yamaha YAS-23 or 2) Selmer La Voix. Both instruments sounded very good. Does anyone have experience with either of these saxophones? What do you think?

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  2. by Stevie D.
    (2 posts)

    9 years ago

    Re: Jean Baptiste JB900AS Alto Saxophone ??

    I have a gorgeous naked lady alto for sale. It would be a great horn throghout high school (and to play professionally). I had a guy back out on ebay last week. I'm willing to let it go for $1500. It's a 1953 in mint condition. The only reason I'm letting it go is I need to pay to have the same model tenor over-hauled $$$

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