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by BVP123
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10 years ago

Sax envelope filter (wah on th

I was listening to Jeff Coffin

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  1. by sax_maniac
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    10 years ago

    Re: Sax envelope filter (wah on the sax)

    I got a Harmonix recently and it works great as the filter is triggered off of the attack. I actually got it for use with my EWI. The only thing is that the feature is fairly limited on the Harmonix. I highly recommend a Digitech RP3. I had one of those first and got the Q-tron later and I'm not sure the Q-Tron is really adding to the experience, though it's controls are much simpler to navigate than the Digitech. You do want a mic with a tight pattern, for sure. As far as inputs and outputs to record, you might want to look into a simple mic/USB type unit - depends what you are recording into. I go into my SB Audigy front panel on my PC.

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  2. by 1337Sax
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    9 years ago

    Re: Sax envelope filter (wah on the sax)

    Wah sucks never buy it i had it during a smooth jazz concert and then all of a sudden it started schreaching like a wild baboon birthing a bus. I was horrible. All of my fans turned against me and ran out the door. Have any of you guys heard about Folsom HIgh school in california ?

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