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13 years ago

How can I get started with instrument repair?

Hello, I'm a freshmond in high school but have already become know as thr "Professer" at school because I'm the most knowledgeable kid about repair tech at the school. Problem is, what I know now is what I taught myself after dismantaling an alto, cleaning it, putting it back together, and trying to fix any leaks. I have no real instruction on instrument repair. How can I get started in the instrument repair buisness? What books can I read, what schools can I go to, etc... I would get an internship, but the only repair guy in my area absolutly sucks at repair. I've gone to him several times with my old alto, and ever time it was more damaged when I got it back. Any advise id greatly appreceatied.

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  1. by Nels
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    13 years ago

    Re: How can I get started with instrument repair?


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  2. by NeedAFix
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    12 years ago

    Re: How can I get started with instrument repair?

    I went to Minnesota State College Southeast Technical, and obtained my instrument repair certificate in 9 months. It is an INTENSE course, you perform overhauls on a clarinet, flute, sax, oboe, trumpet, trombone and french horn. You get experience with bassoons, english horns and larger brass instruments if wanted as well. I had an excellent time there, and I feel very competent about repairs, enough to specialize in sax!!! It is a quick, challenging program, reasonably inexpensive, and you get tools out of it!!! The teachers are fabulous (Ken Cance, John Huth, Gene and Greg Beckwith) and you get much expierience with different techs and instrument companies. Any questions you have feel FREE to contact me. I LOVE taking shop!!!

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