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by golferguy675
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13 years ago

Bunky Green

Some sad news in the world of jazz education... Bunky Green has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. It seems he didn't really take care of himself and go to the doctor often enough, so they didn't catch it until it had gotten to a worsened stage. The survial rate for prostate cancer is less than 20%, and his is pretty bad. Hopefully he'll be able to pull through; it would be a shame to lose such an icon in jazz education, and a friend.

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  1. by wesmiller
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    13 years ago

    Re: Bunky Green

    Golferguy: Truly sorry to hear that news. Makes it even worse when its a friend. Take Care WM

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  2. by Dave36251
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    12 years ago

    Re: Bunky Green

    I'm very close with Bunky and just spoke with him and he assures me that he is ok. He said he had a cyst removed a little while back but that it was no big deal and that he's currently in great health. He's even considering recording a new album, which I hope happens because there ain't nobody playing like Bunky today and if anyone should be out there recording new records it's Bunky. He asked that I come on here and just clear things up for him. By the way, if anyone here hasn't checked out Bunky go and buy his album "Healing the Pain" immediately. You won't regret it. It's some truly beautiful music.

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