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by baridrummer
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6 years ago

Pickup for bari

Hi, After a rehearsal of trying to compete in projection with rock instruments, I've decided I should get a pickup for my bari (the only sax that I've used thus far). I was wondering if any of you had particular recommendations, particularly the best value for your dollar, and something that's pretty evenly receptive to high and low ranges. I've never used a pickup before. Any advice?

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  1. by baridrummer
    (6 posts)

    6 years ago

    Re: Pickup for bari

    Now after reading a bit, I realize that i might not like a clip-on mic anyway (I find a need to noodle around off-mic at a volume for my head). I know a lot of you have posted your recommendations for a mic. Now my question is, have any of you found a particularly good mic to use for a baritone? Or is it worth the investment over whatever the "house mic" is? Many of the mics sound too obnoxious (suddenly loud and distorted) on the low end. When I was investigating a couple years ago, I found some bass drum mics to be pretty good... any thoughts?

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    1. by saxxsymbol
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      5 years ago

      Re: Pickup for bari

      The mic sounded loud and obnoxious on lower notes has more to do with placement than the mic i think. I use an AMT roam one elite system . where i clip the mic on and where I point it makes a huge difference in the response of the notes through the range of the horn. I clip on the side of the bell towards the front and aim the mic at my left ring finger. This is where I would also aim a conventional mic the same way. This does two things for me. It eliminates the loud low notes because you are not pointing the mic down the bell, the most common error IMHO. This also helps pick up upper stack notes and palm key notes much better than pointing down the bell and with better tonal quality. For a conventional mic the Shure 57 is a great one at a great price. Very durable, great sound. They work best about 6 inches away from your horn. Hope this helps.

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