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by saxophonedudered
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8 years ago

looking for new saxophone

hi im currently a freshman and i own a Musica Alto saxophone. I have done research on this brand and found absolutely nothing. I have also been looking for a new intermediate saxophone considering the saxophone i have now is falling apart for exampl keys falling off. if u kno anything about this brand please tell me and i need advice on wat brand of saxophone i should get

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  1. by ejvaleros
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    8 years ago

    Re: looking for new saxophone

    Well, a brand I would suggest you look for would be a Selmer Mk VI, but that would only be perferred if you plan on going far with saxophone. For Intermediate Alto I would suggest a Selmer Mk VII, or basically within the Selmer & Yamaha ranges. Or if you have the money, a Yanagisawa would be teh way to go.

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    1. by wkusax87
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      7 years ago

      Re: looking for new saxophone

      You can get a really great professional horn for around $2,500. I played a Selmer Series II, a Yamaha Custom, and Cannonball Big Bell Global series (all altos). The Cannonball horn played better for me, and they're also better for jazz, with a larger bore bell. You can get one for around 2,500, but not online, from a dealer. They now have the Stone series, the newer version of the global series, and players like Branford Marsalis are starting to pick up Cannonball saxes

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