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by kelsey
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9 years ago

New President.

Tomarrow we in the USA will have a new President. Thank God for this. I don't think I could stand another four years of George Bush. The economy has been so lousey, that as a pro sax player, my income has really suffered. Now I have HOPE that things will change.......Kelsey

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  1. by knorter
    (205 posts)

    8 years ago

    Re: New President.

    Kelsey, I couldn't agree with you more. (2nd time in forum history) See, change is already coming! :) Have a great day. Hope that made you smile. Kristy

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    1. by kelsey
      (924 posts)

      8 years ago

      Re: New President.

      I have never failed to agree with you my dear. As you know I am always jesting, even now.........Kelsey
      Barry Kelsey

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  2. by soulkat9
    (11 posts)

    8 years ago

    Re: New President.

    Hopefully things will turn around

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