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by zeekman116
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7 years ago

Otto link

So I was looking at this metal Otto link at wwbw. It's not the vintage, it's the $150 one. I heard that these have had some quality problems coming out the factory. Is this true? If not, and that it's actually a good mouthpiece, why only $150?

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  1. by totorom
    (1 post)

    7 years ago

    Re: Otto link

    zeek...what about the new OTTO LINK Tenny Custom hard rubber $350 retail...Have you tried it? Has anyone tried it? I just noticed the listing on the SAXQUEST site.

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  2. by Bruce P Ottawa
    (3 posts)

    5 years ago

    Re: Otto link

    I just bought and returned (same day ) an Otto Link metal STM 6*.
    I had read some reviews about poor quality and tone. The reed did not line up with the mouthpiece end. The stock Yamaha mouthpiece played better. I agree with the multiple posts about this product being junk. 

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  3. by saxman76
    (6 posts)

    4 years ago

    Re: Otto link

    I bought one of these to.  Hadn't played in years and I thought "why not try a metal mouthpiece?" while attempting to get my lip back.  I thought it might help me capture more of a jazz "tone". 

    I found out that I thought my old original mouthpiece sounded better.  Also, the reeds I buy are longer than the face of the mouthpiece -- I actually called about this thinking I had been sent an Alto version by mistake.  But I was told it normal for the reed to fit like that.

    The other problem is the ligature -- it isn't that good and can scratch the mouthpiece so I bought a Rovner ligature to fix that.  Be aware that even though the Rovner CM1 is advertised for "small" metal tenor mouthpieces -- the CM1 is too small for this otto link -- get the next bigger size if you have the same idea.

    Other than that I think it looks great on my horn, and I actually like the solid heavier feel. 

    In the end I think one's "sound" comes from YOU and hours of playing and practice.  I felt the whole mouthpiece thing was over-hyped, especially at my level of just re-starting to play.



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