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by hnhuty
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5 years ago

playing major scales

guys, i'm not able to play major scales .. i can only play from c to C# ... cant play D, E, F etc etc.. this is the chart i'm following: but pressing the T (octave) key has no effect .. the d and D sound the same ! this is how my sax looks like.. am i pressing the correct octave key ?

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  1. by SuperSax875
    (55 posts)

    5 years ago

    Re: playing major scales

    How old is that horn??? I've never heard of anyone that actually played on a horn with that old system. That may be worth a hell of a lot of money. Modern saxophones have one octave key and a mechanism that opens the lower vent when the third finger of the left hand is down and the top vent when it is not. So if you wanted to play a middle D on that horn, you would press the left octave key.

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    1. by luiyo456
      (18 posts)

      4 years ago

      Re: playing major scales

      WOW, .....on that kind of mechanics the octave, it's my believe from middle D to G# you most press the 2 keys to make a real octave, a little inconviniece, from A and up you have to release the right one, please let me know if it works....very interesting sax indeed, a collector might love to owned it with a little of history to backup it's origins....

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