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by bill_e
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3 years ago

San Jose, Santa Cruz Ca repair shop.

Any suggestions for a repair shop in the San Jose, Santa Cruz Ca area? I have a tenor MK VI that is bleeding. I was told i needed 1) new pads 2) the wholes where the pins go through for the keys are warn so the keys move. these have to be smushed out 3) replace stiff stock springs with tapered springs. All 3 items $1500. I have a 223,000 model. not sure the investment is worth it financially, but i love my horn's tone.. i've played other 'better' serial numbers and they aint the same. of course i'm biased. -Bill

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  1. by capesax
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    9 months ago

    Re: San Jose, Santa Cruz Ca repair shop.

    Check out
    He has worked on my horns for years
    A stand up guy with great skllls. 

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  2. by tempomaster
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    8 months ago

    Re: San Jose, Santa Cruz Ca repair shop.

    5885 Santa Teresa Blvd in San Jose.  Took my tenor there one time and they did an outstanding job.  I am ashamed to admit that I can't remember the repair guys name but he was very knowledgeable - good guy. 


    A second option, although quite a distance from the Bay Area, would be Sam Ash on Sunset Blvd in Hollywood. 

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