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by Corey Boldon
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5 years ago

Conn "Chu-berry" Soprano

Hello All,

I recently found a Conn "Chu-berry" Soprano in a friends basement, complete with an early Babbitt mouthpiece.  It was in rough shape, so I had it overhauled.

For some reason on this horn I cannot play above high D above the staff.  It is quite confuzing to me as there is nothing wrong with the horn, and I have no problem reaching high F# on more modern sopranos.

Does anyone have any ideas taht might be helpful to me?


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  1. by GFC
    (631 posts)

    5 years ago

    Re: Conn "Chu-berry" Soprano

    That's quite a find!  Are you using the mouthpiece that came with it or one you were using before?  Any more info such as tip openings and reeds?  I'm not terribly experienced with sopranos, but they can be fussy about mouthpiece chamber size. 

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    1. by Saxquest
      (400 posts)

      5 years ago

      Re: Conn "Chu-berry" Soprano

      Typically, if you can't get notes out above D on soprano, its because you're closing off the mouthpiece. It may be that the tip opening is too small for how you are blowing. However, its also possible that you are biting as you get into the upper range of the soprano. I've worked with lots of students and its definitely a tendency on soprano to want to bite as you go up high, especially on soprano. This is not a good habit and only restricts the ability of the reed to vibrate properly. I would guess its the result of a combination of biting and not having the ideal mouthpiece.

           What mouthpiece are you currently using and what reed type and strength? If you focus on keeping a uniform embrasure up into the palm keys, does this help at all?


           Mark Overton


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      1. by Corey Boldon
        (3 posts)

        5 years ago

        Re: Conn "Chu-berry" Soprano

        Hey Guys,

        Thanks for all your responses.

        The mouthpiece I'm playing on is an early Babbitt mouthpiece.  It has a large chamber, very narrow tip opening, and the facing itself is shorter when I compared it to my friend's C*.  I bought a gaggle of vandoren traditional reeds of different strengths.

        I've met some success with the strength 4.5 in the upper register, but I still have to significantly adjust my throat and tongue position to get there.  Also, playing on the C* made it significantly more playable, so I may just end up buying one of those.

        Thanks again for your guys' help.


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