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by striker1211
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5 years ago

Are "Pad Mites" a myth?

So my pads on my alto are looking a little rough and I was told it was little creatures called "pad mites". It has been in storage in it's case for about a year in a closet. If these creatures do exist can they be killed with alcohol and water like bed bugs? I was told by the music store to throw the case away and buy another (from the music store ;) ). Thanks in advance.

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  1. by JonHuff
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    5 years ago

    Re: Are "Pad Mites" a myth?

    They are most definitely not a myth. Look for small holes in the pads where they have burrowed in. It's rare though to see them just crop up in a horn by itself, especially after just a year. Usually you see them in areas where many horns are stored together, or if a sax is stored away in a basement for years. Are you sure the pads just aren't worn?

    If it is mites, a repad is the only way to go. They live inside the pads and will eat away at the insides of them over time. Replacing the case is a good idea because they could come back. 

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