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by Julius Keilwerth
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2 years ago


I am pleased to announce that Julius Keilwerth will soon be releasing a NEW LINE of soprano saxophones inspired by long time Keilwerth artist DAVE LIEBMAN!!!

This new line will be based on a new bore design and offer options with key work influenced by Dave himself.
All models will be one piece, straight neck.

Standard key-work models will be available in Gold Lacquer, Black Nickel, and VINTAGE finishes.

The Dave Liebman model will offer redesigned key-work and come in the Vintage Finish.

And there will be the exclusive Liebman SIGNATURE MODEL - that will offer Dave's hand engraved signature and engraving designs, accessory package including case, stand, key clamps, and swab all chosen by Dave.
This signature model will be available by Special Order only.

Final testing will be done in Germany next month and instruments should be available shortly there-after. 
Pricing is still being finalized and will be released after final testing has been approved.

Please spread the word and stay posted for future updates and information. 
You can direct any questions to

You can also visit us at -or-

Thank you for your interest and support of Julius Keilwerth Saxophones!!

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  1. by Saxquest
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    2 years ago


    That's great news! The early version of this model that I tried at JEN last year played really well in tune and was amazingly comfortable with that wonderful unique Keilwerth sound. I can't wait to try the final product. You guys have certainly put a lot of time and research into this one!

         Mark Overton

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