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by piercmar2
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3 years ago

1915 International

I just purchased a 1915 International Alto Saxophone made in Elkhart Indiana.  It looks very much like a Conn, and I was wondering if anyone has heard of it before.  

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  1. by piercmar2
    (2 posts)

    3 years ago

    Re: 1915 International

    OK, well after reading up more here, what I have is as follows.  
    Patd Sept 14, 1915


    On the front of the bell it has International, Elkhart, Ind., USA


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    1. by GFC
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      2 years ago

      Re: 1915 International

      1915 is the patent date, not the production date.  It could well be a Conn "stencil" horn.  Stencil horns were horns produced for merchandisers to market under their own brands.  There's not a lot else to say unless there are some pictures that show identifying features.

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