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by scooby
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3 years ago

Ralph Moore Transcription

I have added a transcription of Ralph Moore's solo on Squatty Roo to my website:


- Scooby

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  1. by Saxquest
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    3 years ago

    Re: Ralph Moore Transcription

    Great stuff here!! I wasn't familiar with this recording so I went and listened to a few sample cuts from the CD on line.........WOW!!! I just bought the CD.

    Jeff not only gets a big thanks for the great transcription, but thanks also for introducing me to a fabulous recording!!! Kudos to Ralph Moore, WHAT A GREAT PLAYER!!! I'm inspired to transcribe a few of these tracks myself!!! Everyone reading this should pause a moment and go check out this CD, it will be well worth your time.

         Mark Overton

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    1. by scooby
      (79 posts)

      2 years ago

      Re: Ralph Moore Transcription

      Thanks Mark. That CD with Ray Brown is one of my favorites. I also really enjoy the ones Ralph did with JJ Johnson. There's also a great trio date he did with Buster Williams and Ben Riley ("Weaver of Dreams"). Look for some more transcriptions of Ralph's work in the future on my site.  I really enjoy his playing and there is a lot to learn from his clear lines. 

      "... trying to play clean and looking for the pretty notes." -- Charlie Parker

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