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by Superian98
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5 years ago

What to Practice?

I'm in 9th grade and pretty advanced for my age; however, I would still like to get better. I know I need to know my scales (I've got that down), but what else should I practice to be the best I can be? I have some time to practice but not too much. I can practice about 1 and 1/2 hours a day (max) and I want be better. Please Help.


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  1. by peter090
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    4 years ago

    Re: What to Practice?

    Put aside some time every session for sight reading.
    Pick whatever interests you and play slowly enough so that you make virtually no mistakes. It may seem painfully slow at first but I've found that was the most efficient thing I've done to improve my reading.

    Work on your sound. Long tones or playing scales, or other simple exercises slowly concentrating on sound and breathing.  Once this feels "automatic" do it with a tuner trying to keep the tone stead.

    Adjust how you play your scales if you are comfortable with them. Play all twelve keys in a different order. Start going down instead of up. Start on different scale degrees.
    Once you can do that move on to minor scales.

    Play the scales in thirds
    (c e d f e g f a g b a c b  d c in Cmajor for example)

    play in other intervals 4ths 5ths 6ths 7ths.

    The most important thing to my mind is always listen for tone and intonation while you play.


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    1. by Superian98
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      4 years ago

      Re: What to Practice?

      A lot of good ideas. I've never actually tried playing scales in different intervals. Thank you!



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