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by sjensen
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3 years ago

New to Sax &

Hello everyone,
  I am new to the world of Saxophones!  I have always loved the instument  and wanted to learn to play, but life happened and I never got around to it.
  A couple of years ago our ganddaughter was living with us and taking violin lessons.  I would take her to the music store and while she was in lessons, I would hang out in the saxophone room and look at the beautifiul instruments and dream of playing.  She moved away and life happened again.
  This past Christmas my wife said she wanted to learn the violin and wanted a violin for christmas.  I said great, and I want a saxophone.
  So I bought her a violin and she bought me a saxophone. ( I think I got the better end of this deal)  I got a Cannonball Alcazar Tenor Sax.
  At age 53, (I will be 54 in March 2013) with not having any musical training since Junior High about 40 years ago, and never having palyed an instrument, I signed up for lessons.
   I have been in lessons for a couple months now and am LOVING IT!  Just wish I would have doon this sooner.
   Sometimes it all seems a bit overwhelming, learning music and the sax together. But I just keep taking baby steps.  With each lesson and pratice session, noticing improvement, or getting over a hurdle that has been frustrating me.
  It is really exciting to be taking these first steps of this wonderful journey!


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  1. by Saxquest
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    3 years ago

    Re: New to Sax &

    Hi Steve-
         Welcome to the world of the saxophone and welcome to a lifetime of learning! Congratulations on taking up an instrument at age 53. Its wonderful that you and your wife can learn in this experience togther. Keep us informed of your progress and post up any questions you have along the way.

         Mark Overton

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  2. by spencera
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    2 years ago

    Re: New to Sax &

    I to have always wanted to play saxophone...I have played around with other instruments such as guitar, organ and piano.. I have always played by ear and seem to be able to play songs or any thing I wanted to play... so I bought a tenor yamaha a year ago and have really enjoyed it...I have taken no lessons but have watch utube quiet a bit...I think im doing pretty good learning the keys and different notes...I do and try playing songs I like which is rock and roll and swamp pop...I've been told not bad...I was told by the gentleman that sold me the horn,  "The best thing for a saxophone is a band" the time I didnot know what he meant, but now I do...I think a saxophone compliments  a band as well as the band complimenting the saxophone...I try to practice most everyday, sometimes a day or so gos by but I love to practice and play and do enjoy cleaning and polishing the instrument....and by the way I will be 63 years old february of this year.. I have thought of taking lessons and know that would be helpful but we live in a small town that has knowone giving saxophone lessons... so this would mean driving long distance's to take lessons.. Spencer

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